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Lollapalooza 2013 (Recap)

Posted Aug 19 2013 2:51pm

The month of August has been craazzzyyy for me and the hubs!  We’ve been on the road traveling for events in 3 different states over the course of 8 days, hosting a special guest for a week, and trying to keep sane through it all. Since I have so much to share with you, I’m going to break it down into 4 posts this week! Yup, that much happened on our trips :)

The first weekend in August Michael and I stayed with a good friend in Chicago and went to the Lollapalooza 2013 festival.  After we found out that Michael’s favorite band in the entire world (The Cure) was headlining at the 3-day concert, it was basically a no-brainer that we had to go. To save on a a little ca$h, we opted for a one day pass- obviously for the day that Michael’s dreams would come true to watch the loves of life play.


We spent Friday night packing our lives away for the next week on the road.  After a power yoga class for me and a weight sesh for the hub, we began our 6 hour drive early saturday afternoon for Chicago.  After magically finding a parking spot (aka 1 hour later) in Wriglyville, we hauled our luggage inside and freshened up to meet a good friend out for dinner.  My friend Tanvi and I met when we were roommates during our trip to India as a study abroad program in college.  I love that we have stayed in contact since our trip 3 years ago.  After catching up over an amazing meal, we made our way back to our friend’s condo and caught up with her for the rest of the night- making sure to keep ourselves fresh and ready to go for day of the show. ;)

We knew we needed to fuel ourselves for the day and opted for a super cute restaurant in Wriglyville Sunday morning.  Sticking with the theme of “meet up with as many friends as possible” my best friend/roomie in college was able to meet us for breakfast.  I love when I can hit 2 birds with one stone!  We stayed with her when we went to a wedding in Chicago in June if you can remember that far back!


Obviously had to start the day off with mimosas!  As far as my meal, I knew we probably wouldn’t be eating a full meal for at least the next 8 -10 hours so I made sure I ordered something with as much protein as possible.  My trick to trying to stay full as long as possible!


I went for the steak and eggs- 2 fried eggs, 4 oz sirloin steak and avocado served over some sort of reconstructed tamale (if I can remember right!).  A friend ordered the same thing but doesn’t like avocado (blasphemy, right?!) so I gladly took his from him and upped my healthy fat intake :)  Doused the entire meal in hot sauce, per usual.  I think it was definitely the right choice to keep me as full for as long as possible. The restaurant’s speciality was their chicken and waffles, which is what most people ordered.  I thought about it, but then remembered that waffles/pancakes keep me full for about 3 minutes and then I’m hungry again. They looked to die for, though!


Afterwards, we made our way back to our friend’s place for a few adult beverages before we head down to the festival.  It also happened to be our friend’s birthday the next day, and she was showered with some knick knack gifts from her roommates- including pirate tattoos.  Don’t ask!  We found a use for them without any troubles.


Feeling argggg and ready to roll, we hopped on the L and made our way to downtown…

IMG_3742 The city was so full of energy and life.  Not to mention how beautiful the skyline is.


It was my first time at Lollapalooza, and didn’t really know what to expect as far as the layout of the stages.  They set it up in a way that made you feel like it a part of the city.  There were the most amazing views from every stage (I think there were around 8 stages total?), and overall was a really energized/positive/modern like atmosphere.

IMG_3770 We finally made it into the scene around 4 or 5. We were interested in checking out the other stages and watch a couple of other performers, but knew that we wanted a really good view for The Cure- which meant we had to stand and claim our spots for at least an hour prior to the show.

IMG_3755  So we walked around and heard Vampire Weekend play a few songs but then made our way to the main stage and waited for the main reason we were there (to see my hubby so happy it was worth it tenfold).

Michael has been listening to The Cure somewhat obsessively (in a good way) for the past 5 or so years.  This means I had listened to them as well, no?  I was basically ready for the show because I knew that I would know the majority of the songs they played.  The band has a special place in our hearts because their uber famous song, “Love Song” was the song we first danced to on our wedding day (Adele version, but still!).


The visuals were crazy awesome, the vocals were incredible and I was standing next to the happiest guy in the world.


One of Michael’s favorite stories of the band’s lead singer, Robert Smith, is that when Robert was 16 or so he had saved all of his money to attend a concert of one of his favorite bands.  Apparently this band only played for an hour and a half and he basically felt ripped off, was crushed to pieces, and vowed he would always give his concert-goers the best show he possibly could.  I guess all of his shows are at 3 least hours long!  Talk about commitment, yes?  I love that!


Knowing this, we knew that they would play at Lollapalooza for as long as possible.  Excepppttttt we found out that the city requires all music to be shut down by 10 pm sharp.  They started playing at 8 pm and by 9:42, Robert was being heckled by the attendants backstage telling the crowd, “”thank you… aight so we got… it’s so fucking exact, but 21 minutes 7 seconds 6 seconds 5 second.. dot dut doo do pshhhhh…(inse rt dance move here) and then he said “so we will finish this very fucking excellent festival with some pop stuff”.

So, a solid 2 hours and 3 minutes of playing was still amazing.  In fact, if you want to watch all 2 hours and 3 minutes of it, here ya go!  I’m pretty sure you can see me and Michael in the audience for like a split second in it :)

The second the concert was over I remembered that I hadn’t eaten a thing since the morning, which was basically 10 hours prior.  Hangry Alisha came dropped in to say hi.


My only mission walking out of there was to find food ASAP.  I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten to pack along a protein bar of some sort.  I almost always do this!  Must have just been too excited to think about food.  Shocking!

After what felt like 2 hours of walking we finally came across the most beautiful truck of food I had ever laid eyes on.  A Chicago hot dog stand!!!! Michael’s dreams came true watching the Cure and mine came true with the magical hot dog stand right when I needed it.  Not just any hot dog stand, CHICAGO style!  Please tell me you know what this entails?


The beef dog is good- but the toppings are what MAKES it: pickle spear, relish, tomato, pepperchini, onions, mustard, and a dash of celery salt on a poppy seed bun.  The heavens opened and started singing hallelujah as I took my first bite.  And all was right in the world again. ;)

Afterwards I was able to continue walking for basically ever (walking was my cardio for the day) and we somehow made our way back to our friend’s house and called it a night!  I can absolutely see why people continue to go back to Lolla year after year.  I can see us going again next year, we had so much fun this year how could we turn it down?!

Hope you’re having a Marvelous Monday!


See you tomorrow with Part 2 of our trip: a week in Iowa and a wedding in Minnesota.

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