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Loadsa Apples, successful experiments and wonderful goodies!

Posted Jun 15 2010 11:56am
This morning I was up and shredding it with Jillian again, I did levels 1 and 3 back to back. I gave the lunges a miss and just did static holds or other moves instead to give my knees a break. I got my sweat on just how I like it!

Breakfast was a big yoghurty mess and was really yummy! I mixed a scoop of vanilla whey with some Rachels Organic Rhubard Yoghurt then mixed in one chopped apple, some jumbo oats, brown rice puffs, grape nuts, walnuts, maca powder and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

This was really good, I haven't had walnuts in ages and they just went so well with the apple.

Lunch was a bowl of Courgette and Watercress soup and as always was gorgeous.

I must make up another batch of this! I also had three little apricots and two fun size apples.

Mid afternoon I had another boring vanilla protein shake. I worked back a bit late, popped to the shops for more eggs and salad veggies to see me through the week, then headed home, did the 20 minutes Yoga for Runners  and made myself a lovely big salad for my dinner. The salad included chicken, spinach, cucumber, cos lettuce, beetroot, chopped fun size apple and a tablespoon of light mayo.

This was really good, I've never added apple to a salad before but this totally worked! I'm glad this was good after yesterday's dinner fail. And I've just realised how many apples I've eaten today! Oh well at least they are good for me!

For desert, encouraged by my tasty experimental salad I decided to try out a new chocolate egg white puff recipe. I just used two large egg whites and a heaped teaspoon of cocoa powder, mircowaved and topped with agave syrup.

This looks like some kind of alien baby or something! But I have to say that looks are deceiving, this was yummy! The protein from those egg whites has kept me full so far this evening too. I hope all this protein is going to make a difference when I get on the scales on Friday!

I was very happy when I went to the post office earlier and picked up this wonderful parcel from the lovely Sarah at I Heart Cosmetics (check out her fab blog for loads of brilliant beauty product reviews). She had been reading the blog and I had been talking about protein powders and how I used to have Spiru-tein and must buy some more. Sarah has access to a Whole Foods store (how jealous am I! Although I would probably be constantly skint if I lived near one) and very kindly offered to send me up a sachet of Spiru-tein Cookies and Cream to try. She even added in a few little extras!

A huge thank you to Sarah for these goodies!

Last night I attempted to give myself a spray tan. I've been applying the Johnsons Holiday Sun body lotion in medium dark every other day for the last couple of weeks but I don't really think I've developed much colour. I decided to buy some of the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze spray to see if that would give me a deeper colour. Its worked kind of ok, I've missed a bit on my arms so I have a stripe of white skin which to be honest is the only way I can tell I've actually changed colour! I had thought about booking into a salon and getting it done properly but I wanted to save some pennies! I might try another application tonight (if only to sort out my zebra arm!) and see how that goes. I'm also going to give myself a quick pedicure tonight, I have the most gorgeous coral coloured nail varnish to put me in the holiday mood.

Do you wear nail varnish on your feet and hands, just your feet or not at all? I usually just wear nail colour on my toes as it always chips on my hands but I'm thinking of trying to do my finger nails as well, I can't decide! Hope your all having a good week, nearly at the half way point now! x
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