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Living Raw Food Get the Glow with More Recipes from Pure Food and Wine

Posted Jun 07 2010 2:44pm

Living Raw Food Get the Glow with More Recipes from Pure Food and Wine

Picking up where the bestselling Raw Food/Real World left off, Sarma Melngailis invites us inside her glamorous restaurant, Pure Food and Wine, with dozens more recipes for fresh and vibrant juices, shakes, soups, simple dishes, main courses, desserts, and cocktails.

  • Whip up an antioxidant-rich Goji Tropic Shake or a sweet, cleansing Cilantro-Pineapple Shake for delicious nutrition on the go
  • Cool down with a Cucumber-Mint Gazpacho Soup and an Heirloom Tomato, Fennel, and Avocado Pressed Salad with Caper Dressing, Pistachio, and Mint
  • Find out what makes the Chanterelle and Kalamata Olive Ravioli the restaurant’s most beloved entrÉe
  • Celebrate with a raw Thanksgiving dinner, complete with “dark meat” portobello, “white meat” large oyster mushrooms, stuffing, mashed celeriac, cranberries, and brussels sprouts
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Classic Sundae and Caramel Bars

No juicer? No dehydrator? No problem! Sarma shows that raw food preparation doesn’t have to be daunting, and she helps you work your way from the fastest, simplest, freshest recipes to immensely satisfying main dishes that you’ll have a hard time believing are raw. A definitive list of ingredients, tools, techniques, and sources make raw food a snap, while information-packed sidebars introduce the world’s most powerful super­foods, from kombucha tea to chia seeds. And Sarma is refreshingly honest and real as she describes her personal breakthroughs—and struggles—living on raw foods.

Whether you’re snacking on the run, having a quiet dinner at home, or throwing a festive cocktail party, eating raw food makes you feel alive. Filled with sensuous, sexy, and energizing food, this book is sure to enrich your life, whether you’re a carnivorous epicure or a raw-foods junkie.

5 Stars VegNews on Living Raw Food
Melngailis’s Living Raw Food is stunning. It’s joyful and humorous–as much a food manual or lifestyle guide as a cookbook. Fun to read, it’s filled with far more than recipes, including many biographical tidbits of its author interspersed with educational essays on everything from (endangered raw) almonds to (biodynamic) wine. Living makes ample use of photography, of both beautiful food and beautiful people, intended surely as a testament to the “glow” raw fooders are fond of touting. Whether you fancy King Oyster Mushroom Calamari and Sesame-Mixed Vegetable Noodles with Herbs, or a Key Lime Pie Shake with your very own Nectarine Cherry Timbale, prepare your taste buds for an experience you will not soon forget. Who knows, you might even get the glow.

5 Stars Living Raw Food
Really enjoyed this book. It reads very well and the recipes are really beautiful and delicious. Even if I can’t find all the ingredients, one can get close. It’s not so strict that it can attract more of the main stream. Beautifully illustrated and worded.

5 Stars Beautiful, Yummy Food!
Great raw food recipes (very extensive for a more experienced un-cook). Even if you can’t find some of the ingredients she gives you easier to find subs for them. Love the overall voice of the book.

5 Stars More recipes and information for “real” people
I thought this was an improvement over her last book. “Raw Food Real World” left me a little cold- of course everything was beautiful, but so much of it seemed expensive and unattainable (between hard-to-find ingredients and hours long dehydration time) that I found it pretty easy to put down.

This is much better. While I know the other included information on basics, this one seems to get to the point more quickly. Loved the recipes for milks, juices, smoothies and breakfast foods. She also provides a good bit of information on green smoothies, very popular now in the raw world. I’ve been drinking them already, but her descriptions- not even her pictures- made me want to run to my co-op and pick up some greens immediately.

She acknowledges that not everyone has the time to make the gorgeous restaurant-quality food her staff can, but then she has a chapter on easy to prepare foods that don’t require too much special equipment (mandoline and in some cases a high-speed blender) and can be put together quickly. Heavy on the salads, but the difference between torn lettuce and julienned peppers and zucchini is vast. And while you eat avocado with your lettuce now, have you ever thought of putting guacamole in romaine leaves, like stuffed boats? Really good, really doable.

Yes, there were lots of recipes that I don’t think I’m ever going to make, but even the more complicated recipes seemed back to basics, such as the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. (That I might make.) If nothing else, there was a lot of food for thought regarding new flavor combinations and techniques. Irish moss never looked so good.

Finally, she gave a lot of interesting information on topics such as hemp, rooftop urban gardening (yes!), soy and, I believe, sea vegetables, among other topics. She also talked about her continuing journey with raw foods and healthy living.

A lot of other authors in this field are inspirational. It almost seems like she went out of her way to instead be relatable. Good for her.

Oh yeah, about the smoker she included in the book: I’m glad that person is at least eating more healthfully.

5 Stars Excellent Book
Excellent book!

I highly recommend this book. I feel so much healthier, and happier. This book explains in detail all the issues around why we should and should not be on a raw food diet. The recipies are excellent. My husband and 14 year old son have been on a raw food diet for the last two weeks and do not even know it! The recipes are so good, they have not caught on to the fact that the food I have been serving them is good for them! It gives me so much satisfaction. Thank you for explaining to me why this lifestyle is so important.

Angela Hofmeister

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