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LiveStrong App is awesome!!

Posted Nov 17 2010 12:00am

There's so many ways to try to keep healthy. I found an app called LiveStrong (here I go again, I seriously LOVE apps, I'm wondering how I lived without an ipod touch) Maybe I'm late on this train, but this is an awesome app and has helped me lose a few more pounds the past couple weeks. I'm lovin it! The best thing about it is that you don't have to have an ipod touch, in fact the website has all the resources that the app has, and then some. LIVESTRONG.COM

So if you've ever looked into calorie counter things it seems like you go to look up your bread and of course your brand isn't on there so you are always trying to find one that sounds like the most similar. This app has had EVERYTHING I've put in so far. My "Innkeeper's Healthful 8 Grain Bread" pulled right up! Kashi's Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookies, no proble, Smuckers Seedless Sugar Free Blackberry Jam. I've yet to eat something I can't find in the database.

So basically I put in my height, weight, lifestyle and how many pound per week I want to lose, then it calculates out how many calories I should be eating each day. I put them in as I go through the day, in the "My Plate" section...sometimes I just punch it all in when I get home. It really helps keep everything in perspective, how many calories things are, and what stuff really ads up against you really quick. It also remembers your recently eaten things, so the things you eat often, you don't have to look up every time.

There is also "My Weight" and I punch that in every day and it draws out a little graph so you can see it going up or down.
One really nice this is the Fitness section. Just like the food, it has just about every type of activity you could be doing, and you put in how long you did it for, and it tallies up the calories for you. It's so radical!

So this is such an awesome app, but even better is that from the website you can do all this! (I think I already mentioned that, but I thought it was worth it to reiterate!) I'd totally recommend this.

One thing on the website that isn't on the app is a "dare" section. I can't resist a good game of truth or dare (just ask the people I grew up with!) Is it not true that if it is a dare it makes it just instantly gives you more motivation and power to do it!? Dares can be anything from quitting smoking, getting more sleep to running a marathon, even commiting to finding a job or getting out of debt. See some of the dares on this page.

Also this. Also that. There are so many things I could go on about this resource. It's awesome!
I've loved this app so far! I started out with about 5 different apps for this same sort of thing and this was the one I ended up sticking with.
Check out the website. Recipes, dares, everything you could imagine. All your wildest dieting dreams will come true. I just hope I don't lose readers because of this! ;)

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