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Live from NY: Interview with Jared Koch, founder of Clean Plates

Posted by Pravassa

NYC is a town known for it's take out, eating out and not having a large enough kitchen to cook at home. Pravassa interviewed Clean Plates founder Jared Koch on the best ways to eat out. 

Brooklyn born, New York bred and Mid-Western educated, Clean Plates founder Jared Koch launched his ‘eat healthy without sacrificing taste’ campaign after years creating a family business. Pravassa founder, Linden Schaffer, who religiously uses the Clean Plates guide when eating out sat down with Jared at Clean Plates approved  Mana  restaurant on New York’s Upper West Side where they both dined on fish.

Pravassa: Jared, anyone who’s picked up a Clean Plates guide has learned that you deferred medical school and started working with your brother to create a family business. What made you step away from that line of work and head into nutrition? 
Jared Koch: Well, I had everything that I had been told would make me happy, but I wasn’t happy. I felt like my whole life was about perusing money and I really wanted to do something more meaningful. I started taking yoga and meditation classes and even thought about going back to medical school, but didn’t know if I could study again. I had a lot of digestive issues and my yoga teacher encouraged me to take a look at my diet. I then decided to take a course in nutrition as a way to get into studying again and I became very passionate about it.

So from your nutrition studies you were able to grow a one-on-one business that led to the start of Clean Plates? 

Yes, I started teaching yoga and working with clients as a nutritional consultant. The positive results I started seeing were not only with clients, but also with myself. I completely healed my digestive issues. The more I worked with nutrition, the more I realized it was foundational and is the answer to so many kinds of personal health challenges we face. The idea that became Clean Plates was the overall idea to get people to make a substantial change that was not only about education, but had a way to support this journey of change. It’s difficult for human beings to change. We’re resistant creatures. The thing that was working most successfully for my clients, was giving them practical recommendations; product suggestions, supplement information and restaurant recommendations. Clients would come back and tell me how much they loved my suggestions and that when eating out they would go to healthy restaurants multiple times a week. They would be putting different and better food in their body. It was a rational, non-extreme, doable approach to changing your lifestyle. When I started learning about nutrition, I knew nothing about the topic and as a culture we’re still very uneducated, but we’ve come a long way in the last 10 years and I wanted to contribute to that cultural change. My entrepreneurial brain kicked in and I decided to package this approach into the Clean Plates Manhattan restaurant guide.  

Read the full interview here:

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Read whole interview of Mr. Jared Koch. Looks he is a great person. Actually I am unaware about  Clean Plates but I will definitely bring this. Hope this will help me to choose some good and healthy restaurants. Thanks for posting this. 
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