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Listen to a Podcast Now of Dr. Ronald Hoffman's Interview With Me on "Health Talk"

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:11pm

Art_sugar_blues_0446343129_01__bo2204203_1 Tonight my dream came true. Seriously!

...So, there I was, about to be interviewed by the articulate, cutting-edge physician Dr. Ronald Hoffman on his popular show, "Health Talk," on WOR 710, and as he was introducing me, he started chatting about the groundbreaking 1975 book Sugar Blues.

Dr. Hoffman credited the book as having "profoundly influenced" him when he was an aspiring pre-med student and setting him on a "lifelong program to help people conquer their addiction to sugar."

Now here's where my dream came true: Dr. Hoffman pronounced:

"Now we have a worthy successor to that 1975 book [ Sugar Blues ]... It's entitled SUGAR SHOCK! And it's just out. And our guest tonight is its author Connie Bennett."

You better believe that I was smiling as broadly as a person can upon hearing Dr. Hoffman remark that SUGAR SHOCK! is "a worthy successor" to Sugar Blues.! I was incredibly honored to have my book spoken about in the same breath as Sugar Blues! My goal had been achieved!

You see, I love the book Sugar Blues and have reverence galore for its author William Dufty, a fabulous, muckraking journalist, whom I consider my ultimate anti-sugar idol. (Alas, I'd unsuccessfully tried to interview the talented Dufty for my book. Sadly, he passed away before we could connect after our initial e-mail contact. Incidentally, did you know that Dufty learned his aversion to sugar cubes from famed actress Gloria Swanson and that he later married her?)

Revised_cover_w_oz_quote_newsugarshock_1_2 Anyhow, Dr. Hoffman continued his introduction:

"Connie Bennett has collaborated with the distinguished Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a frequent guest on this program, to produce an excellent modern update on problems associated with sugar and how we can conquer our dependency, our addictions to sugar."

Well, there's no need for me to describe the rest of the "Health Talk" show in which Dr. Hoffman interviewed me. Suffice it to say that I loved chatting with the esteemed Dr. Hoffman.
And I have great news! I'm pleased to announce that you can listen to our interview in its entirely, at your own convenience, because WOR provides a podcast. In fact, you can even download the podcast here, too.

Here's how WOR Radio 710 HD is promoting the show:

Health Talk - February 27, 2007

Tune in to a sweet episode of Health Talk tonight as Dr. Hoffman is joined by Connie Bennett, author of "Sugar Shock' to talk about how to get people to stop eating so many sweets.

Hope you enjoy the radio show. I do hope, after listening to the show that you're inspired to get out and purchase SUGAR SHOCK!

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