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Links, Food Scare Scandals, and Breastfeeding

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:14pm
Does anyone else get so bogged down with daily life that even the sight of their reader filled to the brim with new blogs to read is overwhelming?

I apologize for the lack of posts, like everyone else I have a lot going on, but so many good things! Each day I hear or see something I want to write about but I just don't find the time, so I try to make mental checklists. Here are some of the things that made the checklist last week.

1. I can hardly believe the peanut butter scandal that just keeps growing every day. For those who haven't been following closely, the count of recalled products is now up to over 1900! The company behind the whole outbreak, the Peanut Company of America has now filed for bankruptcy, and from what I've read there is a fear that this is a way for the company to avoid taking responsibility in terms of lawsuits. Further, one of the company's plants has been completely off the books since it first opened, which means no health inspections, and it has now been shut down due to discovery of "dead rodents, droppings and bird feathers in a crawl gap above a food production area...also found that the plant’s air handling system was not completely sealed, allowing debris from the infested crawl gap to fall onto exposed food products below." ( see story here ). Lovely. And the president of the company refused to testify last week. If this hasn't opened up our eyes for a need of food safety reform, I really don't know what will.

2. Last week the internet was abuzz with Salma Hayek breastfeeding another woman's child in Sierra Leone . While some people were moved by this seemingly selfless act, many were upset and called it "wrong". Similarly in the same week, the social networking site Facebook took down multiple pictures of women breastfeeding on their private profiles calling those pictures "revealing". I find myself on the side of those calling all of this fear of the breast ridiculousness. Sure we aren't all making videos on the internet showing ourselves breastfeeding, but Hayek was attempting to open they eyes of a culture to the importance of breastfeeding. Women have enough trouble sticking to breastfeeding without social stigmas following them around. It is not a sexual act, it a simple act of a mother providing for her child FROM HER OWN BODY. What could be more pure than that? While I knew that breast milk was best for the baby, before I began my nutrition education I didn't know just how good it is, for both mom and baby:

-For Mom: Aids in weight loss, delays the return of the menstrual cycle for longer, reduces risk of ovarian and breast cancers, much much cheaper than buying formula, emotional bonding and increased self confidence.

-For Baby: most complete and healthy form of nutrition for the child, leads to less chance of childhood obesity from overeating, breastfed babies score slightly higher on IQ tests, mom passes important antibodies through breast milk.

For more info see Women'
What do you think?

3. There are two sites I also want to share with you. A friend of mine works for Vital Juice and if you haven't already checked it out, you should! I love the daily emails they send to me, and if you live in New York or LA, or you are a mom, they have newsletters specifically written for you. Go check it out.

Also, my friend from childhood has launched a new site with her friends "BrokeAss Gourmet" . They describe their site as "the premier food and lifestyle blog for folks who want to live the high life on the cheap. The blog features a daily recipe for two for $20. It also features guidance on cheap wines that kick ass, and what to do after you’ve made that kickass meal for that special someone." Very timely for those of us foodies feeling the pinch but still trying to eat well.

Have a great week!
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