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Link Love: Fix Cold Hands; Drink at the Right Times

Posted Mar 16 2010 4:14pm

Another eventful day at work. Can’t say I’m not busy!

I’ve been keeping a list of articles or links that I want to post about, but I keep forgetting. Here they are now:

Source .

This article talks about how it’s important to drink a lot of water… except just before and after eating. So many people (including myself) forget to do the simple things that make digestion easier. I may complain about my stomach, but I have to be honest with you – most of my belly troubles are my own damn fault. The lesson? Don’t drink 20 minutes before or after a meal. It’s that simple.

My next link – I have had cold hands and feet since I was in high school (way before I was ever eating disordered). I googled some remedies, and found this page:

Source .

Obviously an article written solely for the purpose of SEO, but actually useful and informative (unlike some of the articles I write for the same purpose).

The gist? It gave some physical things you can do that don’t really solve the problem (keeping covered, exercise, don’t smoke), but it also gave some other interesting insights:

  • The wrong kind of calcium supplement can be bad for circulation
  • Margarine is bad as well (duh)
  • And some supplements can help (ginger, fennel, cayenne, potassium, niacin, iron, B C E vitamins, lecithin, Ginkgo Biloba, ACV, etc…)
  • They note that eating meat could help as well.
  • Then there are “warming teas” like sarsparilla root and fenugreek (neither of which I have tried, and I am a tea fiend, so I must!).

Another thing the article said that I thought was very important was that you *must* must must wait 30 days for a dietary change to have an effect on your health. You can’t just go around changing your eating habits willy-nilly and expect something to result in a week. It just won’t happen, especially if you are tackling an issue that has been around for a while.

More tips:

  • Be aware of anxiety and other fear issues (ha) and deal with them (double ha).
  • Try to breathe better (more deeply).
  • And try to stop stressing.

The descriptions of reasons why a person would have cold hands and feet seem to describe… well, me. So maybe I’ll try the tips.

Onto foods and rambles and journalness . More links later!

This morning I walked to work. For the last week I was kind of in non-exercise mode (no reason really, aside from the fact that New York was rainy and gross and I didn’t feel like doing anything) but today’s glorious sunshine got me energized and happy. So I did 2 miles in the morning light while chatting with my dad.

The day was busy and eventful, and my lunch was a lovely break – a macrobiotic meal of random steamed veggies and roots with my favorite: miso-tahini dressing . This meal does not get boring to me because I am constantly changing the veggies. I have a nice rotation going on – spinach, broccoli, burdock, sweet potato (purple), kabocha, carrots, daikon, and probably some others I am forgetting.

I also made a delicious bean concoction earlier this week and I’ve been having it often – it makes an appearance at breakfast and either lunch or dinner most days. Recipe in the morning!

Since I’m still at work I don’t know what dinner will be, and I don’t know what else I will do tonight. Perhaps a leisurely stroll home (probably not – I don’t like lugging the computer more than I have to). Perhaps a snuggle on the couch with Bobby. Perhaps eating kabocha comfort food while watching Biggest Loser.

If you didn’t check it out already, Kate and I started up a cool concept for a blog . It’s about women and food and eating the damn cake .

I’m off to chug some water and wait at least 20 minutes before I eat. What do you do on the weekday nights?

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