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life lessons learned traveling, part iv

Posted Feb 21 2011 11:47pm

Perhaps the most important life lesson I’ve learned throughout my travels is that you just know when a city is right for you.

This past weekend, I learned Austin, TX is right for me.

And I fully intend on moving here someday.

I’ll drop the political career , deep fried cheese curds and comfort of knowing my dear family is mere hours away for year-round warmth, Tex-Mex food so mind-blowingly good it’s worth 10 pounds of added fun chub and the possible birth of a wannabe indie music career.

Airports make me feel like a wide-eyed five-year-old girl who’s seeing the world for the first time. The energy. The motion. The silly game you play with yourself guessing where people are flying to and why. Hey, you! Man with the polka dot tie, briefcase and goofy grin on your face. I bet you’re not really going on a business trip but really a romantic rendezvous to visit your illicit lover in Albuquerque, New Mexico where no one will know you.

Pay-by-the-pound frozen yogurt. It is a life lesson unto itself.

***note: this “small” cup contains peanut butter frozen yogurt, brownie pieces, cookie dough pieces, heath bar crumbles, peanut butter chips, mini peanut butter cups + complete PMS satisfaction***

Adorably sweet grandpas working at pay-by-the-pound froyo shops that grab you napkins, repeatedly call you guapa y bonita (Spanish for pretty…and pretty) and take crooked photos. Again, a life lesson unto itself.

Margaritas are worth every last empty calorie. I take that back. There are no empty calories in margaritas; just empty stomachs the morning after you’ve imbibed one too many of them.

Get your recycle on. No really. Get. It. On. It’s good for you AND the environment.

I, as a 26-year-old female living in the U.S., am SO lucky to have choices. Not everyone gets to decide where they want to travel to or what sauce they want to douse their waffle fries with. Some people don’t get to travel at all and are solely stuck with ketchup (a.k.a. the world’s worst condiment).

No use worrying about rain for its the perfect reason to go shopping. And shop we did. My boutique purchases shall be revealed next post.

Frowny faces are way harder to make than you think. Unless you’re Megan (top right), then you are the #1 (ahem, number juan) frowny facemaker ever.

A weekend with two of your best friends (and one new friend!) is simply one of the bestest things in the world. Especially if they love waffle fries with truffle oil as much as you do.

And that is what I learned in Austin.

Have you ever traveled to a city, immediately fallen in love with it and known you needed to live there? Please tell me I’m not crazy and the only one. Sharing is caring, after all!

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