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Life Lately

Posted Jun 16 2013 9:42pm
Between having guests over memorial day and a weekend in C hicago , it’s time for this woman to get back to some normalcy.   Some recent updates with my workouts and recent meals as of late:


 I’ve been somewhat participating in Gina’s Summer Shape Up program…


Whenever I “follow” a program I usually alter it to include my 2 favorite power yoga classes each week.  So a typical week of workouts generally looks like this:

Sunday- full body strength (aka something like that workout) and steady cardio/sometimes rest day

Monday- cardio class (mostly interval work)

Tuesday- power yoga class

Wednesday- full body strength and HIIT (high intensity interval training)

Thursday- rest day

Friday- spin class

Saturday- power yoga and if I’m feeling ambitious I add on strength training

Funny side story: I was totally unaware that the summer schedule officially started at my gym last week, so when I showed up a few minutes late (oops!) at the regular time for the Friday spin class, I still didn’t notice until 20 minutes into it my instructor exclaimed it was the “last fast song”.  whomp whomp #whomp.

My workout regimen definitely switches around depending on how I feel on days.  And honestly, sometimes I just don’t make it to the gym on Mondays so it’s more like a 4 day workout week instead of 5.  Do you like to plan your workouts for the week?  I find that if I have at least a general idea of what I can fit in that it’s much easier for me to stick with it.  Consistency is they key to living a healthy life- especially when those fun weekends start adding up….which tends to happen more in the summer months for me!


IMG_3198 Lots of salads.  Looks like this one had a can of tuna with a blob of hummus on top.  OMG I almost forgot about those crazy delicious cheddar dill muffins.  They were SO good that I made them twice in one week (plus I had some fresh dill leftover).  A rarity around here.  I used this recipe and it was off the hook (Guy’s voice from triple D…for all of you food channel watchers who know what I’m talking about- air five).

IMG_3182 I’ve been eating the fish that Michael caught himself about 1-2x a week.  I usually pan sear and make a little fish taco out of it or throw it on top of some salad greens and have a fish salad.   Free fish tastes better to me for some strange reason ;)


Tis the season for watermelons!  Drop whatever you’re doing (which I suppose is reading my blog, duhhhh) and watch this absolutely hilarious video with an older gentlemen doing a tutorial on “how to eat a watermelon”.  A friend showed us this video a few weeks ago and our lives with never be the same. Nor have I ever looked at a watermelon the same.


Me give up pizza?! Pshhhhhhhh.  Except, I rarely order pizza.  It usually comes in a pool of grease and honestly isn’t that great to me.  I like to make my own (even the crust…which only takes an extra 15 minutes I swear!) and top with whatever I have laying around in the house.  We usually eat pizza on Fridays, and since I get groceries on Saturday, it’s typically slim pickings.  For the above pizza, I used bbq sauce instead of pizza sauce and topped with grilled corn, black beans, tomatoes and the very little amount of cheese I still had in the fridge!

IMG_3187 My favorite discount store that I talk about quite a bit has had a lot of larabars in stock lately…well, until I cleaned them out.  I bought as many as possible and have been storing them like a hoarder in the freezer.  #noshame  They are the perfect “I’m starving and don’t have the patience to make anything healthy” snack to hold you over until you can make a meal.  Healthy snacking is really important to maintaing my weight, otherwise I would overeat during mealtimes and that would be no bueno.

Will you ever look at a watermelon the same?

Do you stick to your weekly workouts exactly as planned?

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