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Life Lately: Weekend Edition!

Posted Aug 06 2013 8:37am


This past weekend we drove down to South Carolina to go to our friend Joanna and Dave’s wedding. Danny took off Friday & Monday, so we made it a nice long weekend.

It was the longest road trip I’ve ever taken….and it was with a 9.5 month year old who isn’t a huge fan of the car. On the way down we stayed overnight at Danny’s brother’s house in Maryland. We left at Liv’s bed time Thursday (7) and got there around 11. She slept most of the way and woke up around 10:30 and stayed up for the last 30 min of driving. Not so bad. When we got there she hung out for about 20 minutes and went to sleep right away in her pack and play with her put her in.

The next morning we left around her first nap (9). This is where it got fun. She slept for 45 minutes….and woke up. This was just a preview for how our road trip would be. I have to say she did great both ways… there was minimal crying, but she just didn’t sleep.  (There was A LOT of singing/talking/playing/entertaining.) Her naps were 45-60 minutes. On the way home we left at 1 (her second nap) and she slept for (again) 45 minutes and woke up. We ended up stopped 3 times on the way home because she woke up so much after her “bedtime” at 7 and just wanted out (even though it was dark and night time.) The drive home took about 13 hours and when we got home and she saw her crib she squealed in excitement!

Enough about the car though…the wedding was absolutely gorgeous and the hotel was so fun. There was a great pool with a kiddie area that had this huge submarine kids could play in. Liv loved it. She seemed like such a toddler hanging out in it. Danny’s parents met us there, which allowed us to go to the cocktail party Friday night, the wedding and go for walks/coffee when she was napping during the day. It was the best of every world. I haven’t hung out with my high school friends like that in years…and we got in family time and time for just Danny and I. How often do you get to say that? AND Liv got to hang with her grandparents.

Best things about the weekend:

  • Spending time with family & friends
  • Wedding! Everything was PERFECT. Great food and drinks too!
  • All the food I packed. It came in handy for the trip down/back and while we were there. (We had a fridge in the room.)
  • Starbucks right on resorts premises! We visited it WAY too much in 3 days.
  • I got to run with my friend Jackie. I haven’t run with a friend in YEARS! I didn’t even care about the heat/humidity because I had a pal.
  • Having fun at the pool. I still can’t believe Liv is old enough to have fun now. It’s too cute.
  • Liv took her first step! She let go of her motorcycle and took a step. She fell right after that but still.
  • Liv also says “mamama” for the first time. I’ve been a bucket of emotions.

Now for some pictures…




IMG_6112 IMG_6163


IMG_6219 Ready for her next road trip….

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