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Let There Be Light

Posted Jan 08 2010 7:05am

So for the most part, I have been thoroughly enjoying my 6 AM runs with my new running group. It feels great to get my run in so early and have exercise checked off my list first thing. I enjoy the company and conversation as well as the easy pace of the group.

I do have to be honest about one thing though, and that is that these runs in the dark are starting to wear on me a little. I miss the sun! I miraculously managed to get a run in by myself during the daylight hours on Wednesday. Even though it was an overcast day, it was still nice to be out when the sun was on our side of the earth for a little while. Stingy southern hemisphere.

This morning I realized that if I can’t have the sun, I can at the very least have the essence of the sun in its plant based form. Hi Chlorophyll, you’ll do for now – I’ll take what I can get.

New house, I’d like you meet my good friend Breville. I’m sorry I haven’t properly introduced you to each other sooner!

Breville Introductions

If you look carefully, you’ll notice something missing out of one of those apples. Oops. It just looked too good to not sink my teeth into while I gathered up all the produce from my farmer’s market of a fridge. Somethings are just irresistible I tell ya! I’ll try and control myself next time. No promises though.

Today’s juicy concoction would be a giant head of green leaf lettuce, a partial head of red leaf, a couple of carrots, a few inches of ginger, two apples (minus one innocent bite) and two lemons. I’ve recently stopped peeling the lemons and putting them straight in the juicer as is. I’ve noticed that it gives the juice a lot more zing, and I’m assuming that’s from the rind? Maybe instead of saying it gives the juice more zing I should say more zest!

Two glasses of green vegetable juice this morning, one for me and one for him.

Paint Brush Water

Thanks to the red leaf lettuce and carrots, this morning’s green goodness in a glass looks like we’re about to drink the water the girls rinsed their water color paint brushes in. Cucumbers make a much more photo friendly glass of vegetable juice, but carrots or cucumbers – they both taste amazing!

Speaking of introductions, our indoor-outdoor cats (who, until just recently, were temporarily demoted to indoor-only status until we were sure that they knew this is where their food dish is) are starting to get thrown outside again to get back to their indoor-outdoor status. Cats need daylight too after all!

Their new kitty outdoor adventures have allowed them to meet some of the other cats in the neighborhood. Maybe they’ll go running together or something.

Today our male cat Andy (on the right) got to meet this other black and white cat that keeps showing up on our doorstep.

Nice to Meet You

Don’t they look happy to see each other? I know I always lay my ears flat like that when I’m in a good mood and happy to see someone. As a matter of fact, I’m totally laying my ears flat looking at all the clouds in the sky as I type.

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