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Let’s Talk Power Tools

Posted Feb 20 2010 7:35pm

But first, get your mind out of the gutter.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but a tool I am, and if it takes one to know one, then I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted more than a few good ones we’d all like in our kitchens.

Shall we indulge in our fantasies for a few minutes? (I said get your mind out of the gutter!). We can get the obvious out of the way first.


vitamix[Image Source]

I’m sure we can all think of a few things we’d do with an industrial-powered blender. For example: everything.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer


[Image Source]

Ok, so this particular gadget would probably seem more essential if I was someone who baked often, but without fail, I wish I had a stand mixer every time I do bake. I’ll just have to file this one under “Eventual Wedding Registry Items.”

How about this exotic appliance? The Thermomix:

thermomix [Image Source]

Ever heard of it? If not, trust me—you want one. And don’t let the $1,400 price tag freak you out. This one gadget combines just about every kitchen appliance you could ever need: food processor, mixer, blender, slow cooker, steamer, food scale, plus other functions I’m likely forgetting. Read this article about it and prepare to covet. Your jaw will hit the keyboard when you read about some of the things it can do.

When I studied abroad in Madrid during college, my host madre had a Thermomix and I remember consistently being shocked at the things that came out of it. I was also shocked at the things that went into it, for that matter! I think my favorite Thermomix recipe was for arroz con leche. Dios mio, man. Now, I’m not sure why this machine isn’t sold in the USA yet, but word on the street is that you can order it from Canada. I’m just sayin’.

Now that our eyes have totally glazed over, let’s bring it back closer to reality just a bit. I found this slideshow on Prevention’s website, which features a bunch of small gadgets that, while highly specialized, are highly cool (and low-ly priced!).

Strawberry Huller


I mean, who doesn’t need that?

Or even better: Corn Stripper


(How does a post about kitchen appliances end up with so much innuendo??) 

Obviously, being somewhat of a foodie and amateur cook, my wishlist is mostly populated with kitchen gadgetry at any given time. I could spend many hours online browsing things with which to pimp out my future kitchen. And maybe I do. Have you checked out the online network of CSN stores? It’s out of control! They’ve got everything from hot plates to home bars, and they were kind enough to make my wishlist one item shorter. Keep an eye out for a review soon! :)

What does your fantasy kitchen look like? Which gadget do you most covet right now?

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