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Let’s Jam. 3 Local-Fruit Spreads Add a Healthy Taste of Summer to Breakfast

Posted Sep 12 2010 11:17am

It’s Septembertime to start preserving summer’s produce.  The Pump has been doing its part, pickling zucchini, asparagus and cabbage as part of its new pickled veggie menu .  Jamming is another method of preserving, and it’s often applied to fruit.  Lately, we have been noticing an array of local and artisanal jams and jellies cropping up at Greenmarkets and specialty food shops around New York City.  If you don’t have time to jam and jar this season, check out this new fleet of summer preserves, featuring sweet, vibrant combinations of berries and stone fruits.  Spread 1 tablespoon on a piece of whole-wheat toast, dollop on non-fat yogurt or oatmeal, or add to a milk and protein smoothie for a quick breakfast treat.  Keep the taste of summer alive throughout the fall and winter.

(Cambridge, MA)


Our pick: Black & Blue

Why we like it: In addition to using locally grown blueberries and blackberries, this jam uses very little added sugar (half the sugar than supermarket brands) and relies on fresh lemon to brighten the flavor.  Its lush purple color beams with antioxidants.  It’s about the simplicity of the ingredients in this one.

Buy it: Eli Manhattan (8.75 jar) $12.99 or

credit: marvelouskiddo/blogspot

(Brooklyn, NY)

Our pick: Hot Fireman’s Pear Jam

Why we like it: Besides for its rad name–Anarchy in a Jar–we like this variety most for its innovative, exotic ingredient list: Bartlett pears, cinnamon, chipotle, lemon juice and sugar.  Plus, it’s made in Brooklyn with mostly organic ingredients that are locally sourced from Greenpoint’s Rooftop Farms .  Even better, “jam jerk” Laena McCarthy peddles the stuff to local grocers via her bicycle called “Blue Bell.”

Buy it: Whole Foods on the Bowery

(Stuyvesant Falls, NY)

Our pick: Cherrycot

Why we love it: Beth’s Farm Kitchen sets up shop at the Union Square Greenmarket every day it’s open, and no matter what, she’s has at least a 50-jar tasting panel for market-goers to nibble and savor.  Come hungry.  Plus, buy a jar and she’ll specially gift wrap it for no fee.  We dig the Cherrycot–a blend of cherries and apricots–which is great on nutty or flax-seed toast.

Buy it: USQ Greenmarket (8oz) $8.00

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