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Let’s Hear It For the Boy

Posted Mar 08 2010 6:55pm

As promised from my last post…

Remember that baking extravaganza I was talking about?

It started with a batch of  No Pudge Brownies (yes, made from a box).  All you have to do is add yogurt. GENIUS. They were totally super fudgy and moist, which is exactly how I like mine.

Then it progressed on to a batch of  VeggieGirl -inspired Almond Joy Blondies!  Almost vegan (I only had plain yog on hand), these buggers had dark chocolate chips, coconut and almonds.  Amazing.

And both made for the perfect dessert to watch the Oscars!


That’s my new fave word, by the way.  I couldn’t have been happier to have seen all the people who DESERVED to win, actually win!  I swear that never happens.  Props to Kathryn Bigelow on being the first female to ever win best director, Ben Stiller for donning that hideous Avatar make-up and Doogie Howser Neil Patrick Harris for that stylish opening number.

My favorite, favorite part about the Oscars?

The fashion, obv.

My absolutely fave of the night was Maggie Gyllenhaal.  That woman is not afraid of pattern and color, and I love her for it.  My 2nd fave was Sandra Bullock, who I am convinced I would be friends with in real life.  She actually looked like an Oscar statue last night (in a good way).  And last, Rachel McAdams.  I want her dress. Now.

Anyways, in addition to the Oscar party, I also got a chance to meet up with reader Alison for some coffee yesterday afternoon, which was quite lovely.  She was incredibly sweet, and we happily chatted for almost an hour and a half.  She also brought me a lil’ present, which included this…

NUTTZO (!!!)  It’s a blend of peanuts, cashews, flax seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and salt – not to mention it’s all organic.

But how did it taste?

So good. Alison said it tasted “flaxy,” which made me nervous.  But I loved it!  The only thing was it has actual chunks of nuts in it, so it wasn’t exactly the most spreadable.  However, I bet it will be delish on oatmeal!

Lunch + snacks weren’t too exciting today, and I was kind of crabby at work for a myriad of important and not-so-important reasons.  In other words, no pics, except for this…

That blondie definitely helped ease the crabbiness :) .

After work however, I was determined to start day 1 of half-marathon training out on the right foot (no pun intended).  I ran two miles (with a 5-minute warm-up walk + cool down walk) on the treadmill, and then met my friend Steph at a 60-minute spin class, where I was reminded once again why exercise is my Rx .

I was in the zone.

Seriously, I didn’t even chat with Steph (which we normally do throughout class).  I sweated everything out, and by the time the 50-minute mark rolled around and Let’s Hear It For the Boy blasted from the stereo – my mood had completely turned around. I guess Footloose endorphin flows will do that to ya, eh?

Then, I walked home from the gym and chatted with my dear Thomas, who I taught with in Thailand.  I j’adore this boy, which improved my mood even more.

I protein-ed things up with a two-egg puff (sprinkled with garlic salt + nutritional yeast) when I got home…

Then proceeded to make up for the 800 calories+ I burned tonight with a massive pasta dinner…

Whole wheat penne, roasted garlic + herb tomato sauce, 1 handful of spinach and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast.  Dominated by yours truly.

Speaking of boys, let’s hear it for my M.F.H. (ahem, my future husband) at the Oscars last night…

It’s probably a good thing the chances of us ever meeting are zilch, otherwise I am pretty sure he would start singing, “Let’s Hear it For the Stalker.”

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