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Lemons have more sugar than strawberries!? LIES from Fruit Ninja

Posted Dec 10 2010 12:00am 1 Comment

Don't believe everything you read and hear. I saw this fast "lemons have more sugar than strawberries" and I was so excited to mention that fun fact, but turns out it's not even true. Pretty lame! I got it from Fruit Ninja (if you know what that is don't judge! haha) I did some google search since I can't really site Fruit Ninja as any type of a source. Then turns out, lemons have 3 grams of sugar and strawberryies 5 (per ounce)

So now I wonder how many of their facts have been lies. Another fact from fruit ninja was thaht more mangos are consumed than any other fruit every day. Lie? I'm not sure...

Don't worry, I haven't been using Fruit Ninja as a mega blog inspiration or source so I don't have to backtrack. Non diet related, it also said "If you plant a single orange seed you'll probably get more than one plant" I thought oranges grew on trees anyway, I guess maybe a tree is a plant. I've never had much of a green thumb :(

I love sharing fun facts, I've shared all of these ones, now I have led people astray. Sad. Anyway. New lesson, if something sounds crazy and unbelievable, it might should check it out. How could lemons have more sugar than strawberries, I mean honestly, have you tasted them? Since is the bible of the internet (jokes) it says it's not true, so it must not be.

Hm, all this rambling and no diet tipping. I will have to make a stretch and say that you should use common sense when hearing radical dieting ideas. Like the all proteins no carb diets, I really have a hard time believe that is good for your heart and body. If you think about it, it just isn't healthy.

Don't be afraid to question, and always do your research, be educated.

What crazy things have you guys heard to help lose weight that ended up being totally off the wall?
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lol your an idiot. you specifically said strawberries have five grams of sugar AN OUNCE. Inthe lemon to strawberry sugar ratio a lemon will have more sugar then a single strawberry. FRUIT NINJA STATES THAT A LEMON HAS MORE SUGAR THAN A STRAWBERRY. You also spelled strawberry wrong in your article. I would check your facts first
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