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*Lemon Pepper Salmon Salad*

Posted Dec 06 2010 9:49pm
Today's post features lots of new ideas and insight. The recipe today features a salad, which has always been one of my favorite meals. There's something so refreshing about a huge bed of cold and crisp greens. My favorite way to eat them is simply to put my meal on top of them. It seems a bit odd to many people and sometimes I wonder myself why I like to do this, but I have always loved fresh crisp greens. Lately, I've been making a few changes to my menus each day in order to gain some needed health benefits I felt my body was lacking. One of those, is to add fish back into my diet. Fish is such a healthy source of protein, Omega 3's and a great addition to any beauty regimen. Not to mention, it's not processed the same as many forms of beef, so most of it is pretty healthy for you. Lastly, I love fish, so why should I not be eating it?

Wonder what made me leave the vegan world? Well, to be honest, I just decided that life is short and a little moderation can't hurt anyone. This is something I'm trying to embrace and invite you to do the same.  I am  mostly vegetarian, but lately, I have felt my body and diet has been missing a lot of things and I haven't felt as well as I did when I was not a vegetarian, so along with adding fish and a couple other foods to my menu, I've seen tremendous overall well -being benefits.

Another addition to my diet includes the oh-forsaken- caffeine filled cup of coffee each morning.I love coffee. I'm sick of telling my body it doesn't need something and though I'm not completely going to go back to eating Chips- A- Hoy cookies or a McDonald's Quarter Pounder, I am going to add in things to my menu that are moderately healthy, and that I enjoy.

I've been enjoying a large cup of Folgers brand coffee spike with vanilla extract and Almond Breeze Vanilla flavored unsweetened almond milk. You can find this alternative to dairy in the dairy aisle at any supermarket. It has no sugar and no artificial flavorings, soy or lactose of any kind. It's a great source of Vitamin E as well!

Getting back to the recipe, here's another great source of Vitamin E: Salmon!
*Pictured here is a smoked salmon recipe I made for my brother served with broccoli and black beans. I sauteed the salmon in a skillet with lemon pepper, cajun spices and my brother's favorite- low sodium soy sauce. I don't like soy sauce but he loves it. I like to use olive oil instead.

Lemon Pepper Salmon
Serves 1

1- 4 oz. filet of Wild Atlantic Salmon or plain, smoked salmon fillet ( try to find the no salt added if you can, which is sometimes  a bit higher. I can't always find it, so I opt for the regular in a pouch which does contain a little additional sodium)

1/2 a lemon

2 tsp. black pepper

1 tsp. parsley

1 tsp. chives

1/4 tsp. garlic powder or 1 garlic clove ( optional )

Note* The top should be slightly brown in color. To test the fish to see if it is done, cut open the center with a fork. The inside should be pink and moist without looking raw.  Bake in increments of 3 minutes additionally if you feel it is not done, and check again.

Lemon Pepper Salmon Salad directions:

Serving Ideas:

1. Serve on a bed of 1/2 fresh organic spinach leaves and 1/2 fresh organic romaine leaves. Sprinkle with additional spices of your choice. I like to use sage, sometimes ginger and will often add a side of wild rice, a sweet baked potato, red potatoes or  all three:)

DID YOU KNOW? Salmon has over 100% of the recommended amounts of recommended Vitamin D intake for individuals. The body can use this form of Vitamin D easier than supplements, according to various studies published by the Mayo Clinic and the American Dietetic Association. Unless you simply oppose eating any form of meat, I encourage you to try fish of some sort. Shrimp is also one of the best sources for this same type of nutrient availability. It has over 100% recommended daily amounts for Vitamin D as well.
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