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Leftover Lentil Burger Leftovers

Posted Aug 23 2011 4:53pm

A great way beat the leftover blues is to create something new and different with your uneaten foodstuffs from a previous meal.

Thanks to a big scoop of rolled oats, lentil tacos from Sunday were turned into lentil burgers last night.

Lentil Tacos Turned Lentil Burgers

With oats stirred in to the last of lentil taco filling and then given a few minutes to sit, they’ll very generously soak up the sauce and thicken up. It’s then easy to form the mixture into patties with your hands.

Cooked in a lightly oiled pan for about 15 – 18 minutes, flipped a couple of times.

These were made yesterday – which then makes them leftovers today, right? Then I guess that makes these lentil burgers leftover leftovers.

Leftover Lentil Leftovers Lunch Assembly Line

Lentil burger was reheated in the toaster oven along side a toasted Ezekiel bun. Leftover lunch time burger toppings included mustard, pickle, tomato, lettuce and the remnants of a beat up avocado.

Leftover lentils burgers with leftover cucumber soup .

Leftover lunch is served

Yes, there’s a burger in there somewhere. You just have to know where to look.

(psst! at the bottom!)

Lentil Burger

Did you know that smashing veggie burgers flat enough to fit into your mouth builds your biceps?  And opening your mouth really wide improves your ability to say Leftover Lentil Burger Leftovers for Lunch 3x fast too.  Leftovers with benefits!  Those leftover blues ain’t got nothing on you.

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