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Leek Soup for Summer Svelteness!

Posted by Tamar F.

How many of you feel like the Goodyear blimp all summer? In hot and humid weather, lots of us retain water like crazy - hard to look good in swimsuits and shorts, hard to wear rings, even hard to wear shoes! My grandfather was a surgeon and he always recommended in the summer to increase intake of iced tea and ice coffee to get rid of bloating. Sometimes, people need an alternative or don't like those kind of beverages. I make a leek broth to sip on throughout the day. I include parsley and if I have some, asparagus. No salt, but a little black pepper is added to a huge stock pot. I eat it hot or even cold. It's a way of getting more salt-free fluids into my system and leeks are a good diuretic. The broth is fat and virtually calorie free. Since leeks can be somewhat pricey (you need at least 2 bunches for a flavorful broth), try getting them from a farmer's market. Even if you aren'nt changing much else in your diet, this soup taken a few times a day will help relieve symptoms.
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