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Leaving On a Jet Plane

Posted Aug 12 2009 10:20pm

Got my bags packed and I’m ready to go!!!


Tomorrow morning my flight leaves Tampa at 7 a.m. (!!!) but I DID manage to get a nonstop to Boston so I get in at 10:00. Super excited about that! I have lots of great reading material:

( Polly got me loving The Message ….I never thought I would be a fan since I’m more of a traditional girl but I LOVE IT! Its so…..readable and intriguing! I mean who wouldn’t love a bible where they use phrases like “religion is silly. Just trust God”?! Amen to that!!)

Lots of Summit paperwork!



And I’m sort of stuffing my carry on to the max as we speak. I have the tendency to pack, errr, my whole closet when I travel so this is difficult for me. But hey, its always better to overpack than underpack, right?! ;)
Today I really didn’t snack but I did “graze”. First on pineapple:
Then on a little raw granola:
My “speech” tonight went well! Actually it really wasn’t hard at all….I spoke a few minutes about my fundraising successes (err the BLOG, obviously!) to the new group of TNT athletes for the winter season. I could see the fear in their eyes about how much they have to raise….its a tough task, no doubt! It was funny because after I was done speaking one girl raised her hand and was like “ Are you “the” Jenna from EatLiveRun??” Small word, huh?! Funny stuff.
I got home rather late and ate a quick plate of shrimp (cooked with olive oil and garlic), steamed sugar snap peas and a biscotti for good measure :)
Mmmm wine!
Aaaaaand I’m off!!! I’m THRILLED to be able to meet some of you in a few days! I can almost assure you there will be another Summit in the future so those that didn’t get in, don’t fret! Also, we will be live streaming all of Saturday’s events from The Healthy Living Summit website.
No bloggie in the morning since Jenna has to wake up at 5:15! Once in Boston I’m meeting Kath at the airport and together are taking the T to our hotel then meeting Tina for lunch! I will be twittering the entire time so stay tuned there!
See you sooooooooooooooon! :)
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