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Lawmakers Smoking Hot Over Pot-Flavored Candies!

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:14pm

This article in no way endorses the following product. This is provided for entertainment purposes only.

Police, parents and lawmakers are smoking mad over a hot new candy,according to MSNBC, USA Today and The Daily News.

The source of their ire: Marijuana-flavored lollipops and gumdrops named "Purple Haze," "Acapulco Gold," "Rasta" and "Chronic."

The candies -- which have been sucked on by the likes of such celebrity fans as Snoop Dogg and Partis Hilton -- are sparking controversy among critics who feel these sweets promote drug use among kids.

Allegedly, the pot pops -- which come in "nickel bags" and "20 sacs" and tout flavors like "Chronic" and "Icky Sticky Skunk Buds."-- contain no THC, the ingredient that makes pot users a "high." But it sounds like they plotted the marketing to promote the taste and feel of pot.

This really angers lawmakers such as Councilwoman Margarita Lopez (D-Manhattan), who fumed to WPIX-Channel 11, ""How could we go into market and create a product for children that encourages them to taste the taste of marijuana? What is the message? 'Use drugs, that is okay?'"

John Bazemore / AP File

Come to think of it, I've never heard of so much passion over a darn lollipop.Even anti-sugar forces are timid compared to irate anti-drug folks, who detest Chronic Candy's blatantly obvious slogan, "every lick is like taking a hit."

Check out the tagline, too. "It's Not Just a Candy... It's a Lifestyle."

Hmm. Sounds like you get a double whammy of a high -- sugar and the pot taste.

Interestingly, the candy is legal even if it sounds like an advertisement for pot.

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