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Laura's Big Budget Challenge - Three months of money saving adventures!

Posted Jul 01 2010 7:01am

Over the last few months my spending has been going through the roof. This has mainly been spending on clothes and I have been using the excuse of losing weight and having no clothes that fit to justify my spending. To be honest, most of this spending was justified and losing weight to fit into fab new clothes was one of my main motivations for losing weight in the first place so I feel like I deserved to treat myself!

However, now the time has come to try and start to reign things in a bit. I'm setting myself a challenge: for the months of July, August and September spending is OUT. With the exception of planned holidays and special days like my birthday which have already been budgeted for, I won't be buying any more new clothes, accessories, DVD's, books, stuff for the house, nights out and I will be sticking to a stricter food budget.

By completing this challenge I aim to -
  • Save money (to pay off some of my credit card)
  • Be more environmentally friendly (by not throwing so much away, re using and recycling)
  • Get more creative (having less money will force me to be more creative with what I have)
The Rules -
  • No new clothes or accessories
  • No new DVD's, CD's or books
  • No new things for the flat
  • No nights out
  • Maximum of one magazine a month
  • Stick to my grocery budget
  • No other unnecessary spending  
Exceptions -
  • £50 a month pocket money budget - but this can only be spent on second hand / vintage clothes, materials for making / customising things, essential toiletries, my one magazine a month, and gifts for others. 
  • Planned holidays (I have a week off in July and August) and special days (i.e. my birthday). These will have their own budget and anything can be bought (including clothes etc) but MUST be within the budget I've set. 
  • Paint, DIY and gardening materials from mine and the Hubby's joint budget (as we are planning on doing a few things around the flat)
  • The wedding and engagement parties I have been invited to
To help me cope during the challenge I will be -
  • Using my local library for books
  • Making and customising things myself
  • Checking out ebay and charity shops for second hand and vintage clothes
  • Lending clothes and accessories from my Sister and friends
  • Having nights in rather than nights out
  • Reading websites and blogs instead of magazines and newspapers
I wanted to do this on the blog as I know that writing the blog keeps me very focused. Hopefully you will all find this challenge an interesting read!

During the three months I'll be researching money saving tips and ideas for healthy living and staying stylish, posting any money saving projects I do and at the end of the challenge will be a giveaway!

My first tasks this weekend will be reviewing my existing wardrobe so I'm making sure I'm getting the best out of the clothes and accessories I have, and doing a stock check of my kitchen cupboards to see what I can use up.

What are your top money saving tips? Do you have any advice or ideas to help me stick to my challenge?

I've also ordered all the things that I had on my wish list to get before the challenge started. I'm working late again tonight :-( so I'll do a double post of my eats and exercise tomorrow. Nearly the weekend though, yey!
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