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Late Night Monday Fruit Strips

Posted Nov 22 2010 12:00am

So my internet never did come back on...I left to work at 7:3- am and was on the go till I just got home now (9:15pm) Work, School, Filming for a project, rock blog time!

So my internet is down as I write this blog. It's 1:05 (late night) and I need to get a blog up tomorrow. Hopefully I write this tonight, and tomorrow morning when I go to post this, fingers crossed, the internet will be back up!

So a couple weeks ago I saw these things I hadn't seen since I was a kid at Macey's grocery store. They are "all natural fruit strips" from Stretch Island Fruit Co. I bought a few, they are only 45 calories each, and at 3/$1 it seemed like a good purchase. They are 100% fruit. NO sugar added at all. They are perfect for a sugar craving. Much better for you than a piece of candy.

Another day I was at Good Earth grocery store, and I found pretty much the same thing, it was a Fruit Rope by Cliff, but it was like $1 each one. Rip off. I bought a box of 6 for like $5 anyway because I was in a hurry. WELL then I was at Macy's yet again having been stuck in Provo AAAAALLLL day Saturday and I decided I'd buy more of these fruit strips. Well, this time they were 10/dollar! Only ten cents a piece! Let's just say I stocked up quite a bit! I've been sharing with every one. Ha. I think they are such a great snack.

I had just bought them when I stopped by Ashley's and her little boy tried them, and he's a pretty picky eater….3 fruit strips later...I left some behind for Ashley.

Anyway. I remember these from when I was a kid, I loved them back then. I didn't know that they were a pretty healthy choice though. There's really no artificial ingredients, no sugarm no high fructose corn syrup, no nothing. JUST FRUIT!

Fruit Snacks are delicious, I'm a sucker for gushers, ha. It's nice to know there is a healthy equivalent I guess!

I think this is a good re-find. :)

I've heard people make this stuff homemade. Anybody tried that?

(PS this picture I found on Amazon, a box on there sells for $13.99, my $3.00 boxes at Macy's were the best deal ever!)

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