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Last night I hosted a 100% organic dinner for some of my closest friends.  I made a classic paprika...

Posted Apr 10 2010 10:13am

Last night I hosted a 100% organic dinner for some of my closest friends.  I made a classic paprika roasted chicken, bow tie noodles with buckwheat groats, honey carrots, matzo ball soup, potato pancakes, home made apple sauce and chocolate covered matzo. Yuuum Town.

Here are some of the reasons why the meal went so well, use these ideas for your next dinner party!

-Everything that can be prepared ahead of time should be.  That way 2/3rds of the preparation AND clean up is already completed and there is barely any stress before the event.

-Clean out your refrigerator the day before the event so that you can fit everything in it without having to reorganize your groceries every time you want to put your prepared items away, both obnoxious and potentially a fatal dish dropping error.

-Time how long all of your dishes will take you can utilize stove/oven space.

-Figure out what dishes you want most to be fresh out of the oven and prepare them last! 

-Chop everything ahead of time.  For instance, although I wanted the chicken to get the prime oven time, I chopped the carrots, onions, celery and potatoes early on in the day so that they would be ready right when I wanted to cook the chicken!

-Accept the fact that you will have to straddle kitchen time and having fun with your friends time during your event, let the joy of feeding your friends be an important part of your evening!

Yep, that is me, the one who is sort of being held up by my girlfriends, and sort of being held up by the shoulder in front of me, hence the pained look on Max’s face.

What a fantastic evening!

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