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Korean Lunch: Bibimguksu

Posted Aug 08 2010 10:41am

Sharon and I have made a few more lunches together.  Did I mention she’s Korean? Probably not, but that means she knows tons of homemade normal Korean dishes that I’ve never tried.  This was one of them. So I had to research the dish we made because 1) I couldn’t spell the name 2) I had a hard time remembering the name altogether. From what I’ve found, Bibimguksu is basically noodles, veggies, protein and spicy paste ( Gochujang ).




We chose some oat flour noodles.  To be quite honest, since I smother noodles in different sauces and veggies, I don’t know what they taste like on their own.  I loved them in this dish though!




We both were overzealous while filling our lunch bowls.  I, for one, was STARVING.  We ended up having to upgrade bowls before we added out spicy paste.   It looked so pretty before we plopped them out and mixed them up.  Our veggies were whatever we had on hand. The list included lettuce, carrot, green beans, bean sprouts and some roasted garbanzo beans.




What a great action shot of me adding the Kochujang (I still cannot properly pronounce that word).  I like it spicy and plopped on two heaping spoonfuls. I scarfed this down in about 5 minutes flat while watching True Blood. Sharon and I’s lunches have officially made me a fan of the show and I’m not ashamed to admit it!  I’ve actually caught up and now our lunches have turned to Sunday screenings of the show.


Thanks to Sharon for all the great foodie shots!


Until next time,


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