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Posted by Jane N.

Kombucha tea is apparently all these rage these days. It's an interesting light brown tea, a bit vinegary smelling, that is known for being a cure-all. Its alleged attributes include curing cancer, diabetes, makes your gray hair disappear and even smoothing cellulite! Now if it could only clean my boyfriend's room then it would just be perfect. Kombucha is a fermentation of black tea with a culture of a ?pancake? of yeast and bacteria. It is not a mushroom, although that's a common mistake. The end result is a very acidic tea. There isn?t any evidence or scientific support for any of these cure-all claims, but there is documentation of harmful side effects. Because the tea is highly acidic, consuming too much could result in metabolic acidosis, which is a harmful imbalance of acid in the body. It's recommended that you limit your intake to 4 - 8oz to be safe. Also, those who brew it at home should be extra, extra careful to ferment under sterile conditions to avoid microbial contamination and use appropriate containers. Kombucha may potentially interfere with medications, so it's a wise choice to consult with your doctor. While the risks are numerous in this tea, not much scientific research has been invested. Those I've spoken to about it love it. In my opinion, if you experience health benefits from Kombucha then by all means, continue to use it. But limit your intake to the recommended amount and use caution. To read of potential side effects, visit the American Cancer Society and the Center for Disease Control.
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Good article Emily. I always call the floaties a mushroom because they look like one and actually I was misinformed. I was under the impression that Kombucha is made from a Mushroom. But it is a living culture! It originated with the Tsin Chinese Dynasty in 221 B.C. so it has been around for a while. The thing that I like the most about it is the probiotics, enzymes and a small bit of caffeine as a result of the fermentation process. That's partially why it makes me feel good. The healthy bacteria makes my body feel good. and the yummy taste of ginger makes my tongue feel good.
I wonder about the weight loss teas that I see. It doesn't sound like kombucha helps u loose weight.
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