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Kombucha and noni

Posted by Tamar F.

According to Elle magazine, Kombucha taken internally may reduce oxidative stress and noni helps in wound healing and may prevent cancer. I never knew what Kombucha was – I thought it was a kind of seaweed, but it’s apparently fermented sugar and black tea. Noni is a tropical fruit. Now, fancy skin care lines like Darphin and Shu Uemura are incorporating these ingredients into creams to help with dull complexions and saggy skin. While I may or may not try the creams, I will keep my eye out for these beauty tonics in the store!

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I find it to be very energizing and comforting to the body. There are many brands out there, but the one I like the best is alive and is called, I believe, Kombucha. The drink comes in many flavors and types. They are fun to drink, but I only purchase them when they are on sale. Also, be careful, I have had a couple explode on me by loosing their tops. It's the alive factor you have to watch out when transporting them home from the store. I don't drink the whole bottle in one sitting. It's best sipped throughout a couple of days -- yum.
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