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Kitchen Renovations – Update!

Posted Nov 30 2012 5:37pm

I just realized it’s been a while since I wrote here. Well – I have been a little distracted. So… Our simple kitchen and bathroom renovation turned into a gut renovation of almost our entire first floor. Oops!

Before (kitchen x 2 views, bathroom):

Here they are putting up a plastic sheet to protect against dust.

 Kitchen Renovations   Update!

 Kitchen Renovations   Update!

Would you believe that they ripped up 5 layers of tile in this bathroom? And not just on the floor and on the wall by the bath – there were layers in the other walls as well. It’s the most layers of tile any of the men working on this project had ever seen.

 Kitchen Renovations   Update!


This picture is the re-framing of our floor. Our building was built in the late 1800s and the back half of the building settled a good 8 inches or so more than the front did. My builder thinks that perhaps there was a flood at some point that pulled away some of the dirt underneath the foundation as it receded. We pulled up the oak floor (~1950s) and the subfloor (original – ~1890). Underneath is a concrete and brick floor. It is barrel-shaped which you can see in our basement – we have barrel ceilings and now we know what it looks like on top!

 Kitchen Renovations   Update!

And here is the bathroom, completely gutted.

 Kitchen Renovations   Update!

All in all they took away almost 3 tons of trash from just these 2 rooms. Not uncommon for an old house with many layers and old-fashioned construction done with heavy material.

Walls going back up:

 Kitchen Renovations   Update!

Scaffolding is in the foreground. That freshly built wall (I shouldn’t say the wall is “built” because it wasn’t actually taken down – but all the layers were stripped) on the right is where the hideous white cabinets were in the 2nd “before” kitchen picture. The angle is slightly different here but you can really see a difference already. Our new wood floor will go on top of this new plywood (perfectly level!) subfloor.

And now…

I just got home a few minutes ago and the walls are even more complete than they were in that picture. I am eager to see the final results. We are working with an amazingly talented builder. I don’t want to call him a contractor because he does so much of the work himself. He’s really a builder. We were so lucky to find him! Can’t wait to show pictures when it’s all finished.

It is way more stressful than I thought – but also exciting.

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