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Kitchen Makeover: 5 SIMPLE Ways to Spring Clean Your Kitchen!

Posted Apr 19 2013 7:00am

spacious kitchen Hate your kitchen?  Frustrated by the mess?  Tired of taking an hour to find the exact utensil you need because it’s buried in a draw full of clutter?  Does your kitchen make you wanna run the other direction?  (And, there’s no way you’re gonna make dinner in there tonight, right?)

Well, it’s time for a kitchen clean up.  Let’s call it a kitchen makeover…that’s much more fun!

 To live a healthy and happy lifestyle, getting familiar with your kitchen is imperative.  Now, listen.  I’m still getting acquainted with my kitchen, too.  But, I do know that if you’re trying to put healthier things into your body, it starts at home…in your kitchen. 

 Let’s look at some SIMPLE ways to make your kitchen a more inviting place.  (Yes, it’s going to get messy for a moment!)

  1.  Open all drawers.  Take everything out.  Make two piles.  One pile for utensils you have used within the last month.  The second pile for everything else.  Place everything you haven’t used over the last month in a box.  You’re going to just place this box in a closet or in the garage…you’re not giving it away, yet.  This way, if you end up needing something from it, you can grab it!  Now, wipe out the drawers.  Clean them up.  Then, with the other utensils that you HAVE used over the last month, place them back in your drawers in an organized manner.  You might want to get some drawer organizers.   (Aren’t you feeling better already?)
    2.  Now, open your cabinets.  Youch.  What’s in there?  Again, take it all out.  Anything you really don’t like (cups, glasses, plates, etc.)?   Put it in a box to go in the garage.  Clean out your cabinets with a damp cloth.  Now let’s put everything you DO use back into the cabinets in an organized way.  
    3.  Add some plants.  Living plants (not fake).  Plants are good in every room of your house, actually, for their air-cleansing benefits.  They will make your kitchen a more inviting place for you to spend your time.  A couple of plants in your kitchen will lift your spirits and make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing.
    4.  Set the mood.  Bring in the music and essential oils.  When you’re cooking a meal, you can make it a stress-free time, not a stressful time.  Turn on some soothing music and diffuse some essential oils for mood-lifting aromatherapy.  Make the kitchen a place where you WANT to spend time.
    5.  Finally, fill your fruit bowl and veggie drawer…and empty the pantry.  We store lots of junk “foods” in our pantries.  These foods are full of chemicals, preservatives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and more icky stuff that shouldn’t be going into our bodies on a daily basis.  So, make sure your fruit bowl and veggie drawer are stocked with lots of fresh, living, wholesome fruits and veggies.  And, clean out your pantry.  If you don’t want to throw things away, you don’t have to.  You can either give it away, or, after you eat it, don’t buy it anymore (except maybe on a special occasion).  Fruits and veggies are pretty to look at, delicious to consume, and provide amazing health benefits!  It’s a win-win-win. 

If you create a kitchen space that is pleasing to your body, mind, and spirit, you’ll want to be in there much more…hopefully creating healthy and delicious recipes for your family to enjoy.  Just take it one step at a time. 


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