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kitchen gadget: return of the crock pot

Posted Oct 19 2010 6:00am

A few years ago my brother, who always gave me “funny” Christmas presents, gave me a camouflage crock pot. I believe my response included something along the lines of, “I don’t hunt squirrels in my back yard like you, why would I ever use a crock pot?” and promptly returned that present, most likely by December 26th. It may have been the camouflage, but for some reason I didn’t see why I would ever need to use a crock pot. Oh how naive I was at 22 and in college, with lots of time to cook dinner every night.

A few years after that returned present and a full-time job later, I realized what the crock pot is all about. It really is magical. You layer ingredients in that ceramic crock in the morning and when you return home hours later, you can smell dinner from the hallway. It makes those chilly fall and winter days all the better, doesn’t it?

I think the crock pot was once perceived (from those thought they were above it like me) as an appliance for Midwesterners, who assumingly live on the farm and use it for things like pot roast. But it can do so much more than pot roast as evidenced by a Southern Style Feast , Pulled Pork Tacos , Lentil & Garbazno Stew , and Sweet Potato, Spinach & Chorizo Soup . You can expect some new crock pot recipes from me soon, but I would love for you to share your favorite crock pot recipes, I could use some inspiration!

I don’t use my crock pot on a weekly basis, but enough to make it worth while and although I didn’t quite get it 5 years ago, my Midwestern soul gets it now.

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