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Posted Sep 07 2011 3:45pm
There must be a mistake, how is it already Wednesday? I start classes tomorrow. Confession: I’m really excited!

All my creative juices have been used for organizing my study office and cleaning my wardrobe, so today is going to be a KISS WIAW. Incase you didn’t know KISS = Keep It Simple Silly


What not oat bran? Fear not folks, these are Nature’s Path Multigrain Oatbran Flakes


I’ll be taking a design course this year, where we design, and document a new technology. Too bad we aren’t being marked on our ability to design new snacks because look what I came up with:

Peanut Butter Pie

Microwave coconut oil and mix well, add peanut flour, salt, and sweetener then refrigerate. I put plastic wrap on the bottom of the container so it would plop out easily.

I’m aware it’s the color of a naked mole rat, but it taste much better than one. I do not speak from experience, just incase you were concerned. It’s really rich, so I paired it with an apple.



Various munchies throughout the afternoon, one of which was…
…another recent edible creation! Of course I will post a recipe soon!




Do you like guacamole? I didn’t, but I’ll probably try and finish the package, since I don’t like to waste.

What are your favorite things to have on a snack plate? Mine are: cereal, fruit, yogurt, nuts, and peanut flour sauce for dippage!

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