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Kim’s “Big Butt” Problem

Posted Dec 16 2009 4:23pm

A friend shared this Examiner article with me about Kim Kardashian (whose valley girl voice and omnipresence both annoy me to no end), where the reality starlet moans about her “big butt” and talks about dieting her 5′2 frame down to 109 lbs.

“Kim says being called “the Tush” by bloggers and a “fat donkey” by former Miss USA Shanna Moakler really got under her skin.“I wasn’t heavy, but I was being criticized left and right,” she told People. “It really brought me down.”

That really sucks; no one should be called names, period! I can’t blame her for being upset.

But then in response, she dropped a bunch of weight and now is hating on her butt — her biggest asset (pardon the pun), saying “I was so unhappy with my big butt.”Um, OK … really? Because you never looked unhappy posing in bikinis and stuff flaunting your body, Kim (and I personally think she’s built beautifully, but that’s neither here nor there)

What bothers me most of all is not that she wanted to lose weight or tone up … but rather that she’s a hypocrite.

Because while in one breath she’s bemoaning her bodyover at the Examiner, in this month’s Glamour, she speaks out about loving her curvacious figure and scoffs at those who tell her to lose weight.

This is what she said in Glamour:
On the comments that drive her nuts: “Some people say really mean things about my being overweight. I read something on my Twitter that was like, ‘Oh, you still need to lose a few pounds.’ And I’m just like, Seriously? Come on. If I’m happy and in shape, that’s all that should really matter.”

While I’m sure she sat for the Glamour interview months ago, it’s really hard to feel sorry for someone who has made herself into a celebrity and then on the one hand is body-bashing, and in the next, giving off a much more positive, commanding sense of body image. What message does that send to little girls?!

What gives, Kim?!

So clearly the timing of this Examiner piece must be deliberate … Oh wait … she’s endorsing a product! NOWWWWWWW we get it. This gets a big UGH from me.

How about you? Does this kind of blatant hypocrisy annoy you, or are you immune to it?

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