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Kid-Friendly Veggie Dips

Posted Mar 29 2013 9:24am

The other night I opened the fridge to get a snack out and saw all of my veggies cut up.  Plain raw veggies just wasn't going to cut it, until I saw a bowl of dip I had whipped up earlier.  I realized that I am much more likely to eat raw fruits and veggies if I have some kind of delicious dip to go with it, and my kids are definitely the same way!  If I just put carrot sticks on a plate, they would probably munch on a couple, but if I put them around a bowl of yummy dip they usually finish them off! 

There is the classic ranch dip that kids love (I just use plain Greek yogurt and a ranch seasoning packet), but I wanted to try a couple of different dips to mix things up.  


Creamy Pesto Dip


For this dip all you do is combine cottage cheese with pesto in a high power blender until smooth.  Bam!  Delicious creamy dip with the savory flavor or pesto that is not overpowering.  If you use low-fat cottage cheese it is a great healthy dip for kids and adults alike.  

Honey Mustard Hummus

I love mustard - a lot.  But I realize that most kids don't really like mustard because it has an intense vinegar flavor.  I also realize that most kids like ketchup because it is sweet.  For this dip you combine the flavor of mustard with the sweetness from honey and the nutrition from beans.  Win-win-win.  I loved it on celery.  

Combine all of your ingredients in a high power blender until very smooth.  I blended this one probably 3 times to make it really smooth and creamy.  It is pretty thick - it it seems too thick for you, add less beans.  

One thing to know about dips is that they get better with age.  These were good when I made them, but the flavors and textures were even better the next day.  I like to have some kind of dip on hand, so that when we are wanting a snack we can pull out the veggies and dip anytime.  Dips are also great to send in lunches for your kids or adults who work.  I send my husband to work everyday with a veggie bag and hummus, but its nice to mix it up occasionally with a fun new dip!  

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