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Kick-Sugar Success Story: Felicia Desrosiers

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:11pm

Art_felicia_headshot_1 Kick-Sugar Success Story: Felicia Desrosiers, Brooklyn, New York

Age:          27            Height:  5'4"       Weight Now:   110         
Occupation: Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends, making collages, photography, yoga, walking, running, dancing, being outside, cooking, reading, writing and meeting new people.

Major Benefits From Kicking Sweets & Refined Carbs: Happier, increased energy, more motivated, improved mental clarity, as well as regular periods and digestion, decreased allergies and better sleep patterns.

Connie: What was your rock-bottom moment before you decided you needed to change your diet?

Felicia: I did not have a rock bottom moment. I knew for years (since I was a teen) that I needed to change my diet to improve my health. I started that experimenting with food when I was 14. I became a vegetarian and I tried cutting out dairy, but I kept eating candy and bread. I wish I had had someone there to tell me it was the sugar that was causing most of my problems. Then, in college, I discovered beans and grains and started cooking more so I was doing much better but I was still eating candy and bread all the time. I was in and out of depression and struggled with finding the cause. My conviction to really cut out sugar for good in 2001 came from my frustration of always being congested and constipated. This always accompanied my feeling of being stuck in general in my life. After years of trying to pin down the cause and coming up with the same cause – refined sugar and flour, I realized I just had to stop. 

Connie: Just how bad were you feeling? What ailments did you have?

Felicia: Already at age 10, I was creating an ulcer in my stomach. I started menstruating very early (which could have been due to my sugar habit). Plus, I had cysts and terrible PMS. I also was a borderline anemic shortly afterwards. Then, I had acne, water retention, and recurring gastritis. In addition, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, allergies and chronic fatigue. In fact, I was always tired. But thst wasn't all: My allergies were notorious. People knew that I was always congested (I’d stopped allergy medication years previously). What's more, I was unable to sleep well because I could never breathe through my nose.  And, when I was congested in my head, sure enough, I was congested in my colon, too, and I was always constipated.  I always felt bloated and was always on an emotional rollercoaster.   

Connie: What are the biggest benefits you've gained from taking control of your habit of eating sugar and processed carbohydrates? In other words, please tell readers, "What's in it for me?!"

Felicia: I can breathe and I’m no longer constipated!  I have much more energy, I think more clearly, and my relationships are improved. I no longer go through nightmarish emotional roller coaster rides.  My periodic bouts of depression no longer come around. I no longer retain water or gain 5 pounds before my period. What’s more, I’m happier than ever.

Connie: When did you turn to sweets and what did it do to you?

Felicia: I grew up on sweets. I ate sweet cereals, I ate candy whenever I could, I snacked on granola bars and sugar-laden yogurt and loved ice cream after dinner. I remember getting blood drawn when I was young and being scared about the needle and then when we left the doctor’s office, my father

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