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Kick Butt Workout: Body Rock TV

Posted Mar 08 2011 7:11am

Morning! What an eventful night we had… I headed to Long Island after work yesterday to look at the same house again. We love it, it’s cute and a perfect size for us, but the kitchen and dining room are a bit small. My mom’s friend has an amazing eye, so she came over with us to give us some possible ideas for renovations. She gave us a bunch and I think we are in the process of buying this house…. weird. Buying a house is so…adult.

You know how I love trying out different workouts, right? When I had off,  I wanted to switch it up a bit. When I’m off I have much more time to sit and look through workouts; instead of just sticking with what I know is good & guaranteed to give me a great workout. After seeing BodyRock throughout the blog world, I decided I’d take a look.

I looked through the workouts to figure out which ones I could actually do. I don’t have a dip bar or pull up bar, so any workout that used those, I opted out of. Many of the workouts use a “sandbag” but I just used a regular 10 pound weight in place of that…does the same thing.

I love that these workouts are interval based and are short! I did the born this way workout and it took me about 30 minutes. It says it only takes 20 minutes, but I had to stop a bunch of times and take longer rests. It’s INTENSE! I really got a great workout in only 30 minutes. I was dripping with sweat and my legs have been sore for days. (Mainly because I rarely work my legs intensely.) The workouts all have a video, a long very clear description and pictures that all help you get through the workout and figure out what you’re doing. It helps too that the person you’re looking at has a sick body.

Body Rock TV
( source )

I’m glad I started with the  Born This Way Workout . First I took the time and watched the video the entire way through and then I referred back to the video, while doing the exercises. If you don’t have an interval stop watch, then just use a regular timer…that’s what I did and it worked just fine.


  • Really, really kicked my butt and got me sweating
  • simple, don’t need much equipment
  • great to do a couple days a week
  • love that there is a video showing the moves & sequence
  • There aren’t really any negatives, but I did feel like you need to have time (at least the first time) to really watch the video and figure out the sequence. I workout a lot at 5 am, and this isn’t something I would run through the first time then. I also felt like I had to go through many of the pages to find a workout that I really could do with out the pull up bars or dip bars, but again this isn’t really a complaint. There does seem to be a lot of reading, but I promise it is easy when you find a workout you’re motivated to do!

    Here are 2 other workouts I want to try!

    Have you done Body Rock before? Did you like it? What other new workouts have you tried?

    Let me know if you try any of these!

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