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Kick back and relax, but first, TAKE OFF THOSE SHOES!

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:05pm

After we finally moved into our own place when we got married, obviously, we had to do our own cleaning. Every week we would clean the floors and be amazed at how dirty they had gotten in just one week. We started thinking about it and we wanted to see if there would be a huge difference if we took our shoes off when we walked in the door.

After cleaning the floors one week after starting this we couldn’t believe we ever wore shoes in our apartment. The floors were SO much cleaner, it was unbelievable. When you think about it, think of all the places you go and all the surfaces your shoes touch (especially if you travel on the NYC subways). We did some research and found out that your shoes pick up particles from paint (which is lead), pesticides from lawns, allergens from plants and bacteria from animal remains (ew). When you wear your shoes in the house you carry them all over, which can increase your risk of health problems. (When we have company we don’t ask people to take off their shoes because we don’t want other people to feel obligated to do this, except our family, of course.)

Try it and see how much less cleaning you have to do!

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