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Keeping it Raw and Keeping it Real

Posted Apr 27 2010 9:49am

Hey there my friends! Sorry that I've been a little sporadic when it comes to posting the past couple of weeks. Things are getting crazy busy around here with the upcoming move. (This would be the "keeping it real" part of our post for today.) Yep, reality is setting in. We should be closing on our house any day now (the realtor tells us it will be any day between May 7 and May 24 - nothing like ambiguity to keep the heart pumping). At any rate...all of this is happening a little too late for us to meet our deadline in Thailand. So...our move to Thailand is being postponed until next summer.

In the meantime, we'll be taking up residence in an apartment complex closer to the heart of the city. Should prove interesting. We'll be within walking distance of a really nice shopping center and right next door to a university. With all our teens and twenties home it's such a promising neighborhood.

We're also in the midst of working on the design for our all new blog pages. So...while we may miss our May 1st bloggiversary date...we'll still be getting that launched for you guys in the next month or so. (Sorry for the delay...our personal housing 'crisis', as I like to call it, has taken up WAY more time and attention that I ever imagined.) I must say, it's been a little challenging. ;-)

In midst of all the excitement I'm still on board with the Raw Food Rehab and RawFu challenges. Honestly, I've managed to stay about 50% - 75% raw. Nice! I've been losing about a pound a week so far. At this rate I'll reach my goal with no problem. (Though I'm not holding my breath.)

Livy whipped up the rice paper wraps you see above. She's been a great help on the raw journey. Keeps me in line. =D

Livy's Rice Paper Veggie Wraps (serves 6-8)

- 4 rice paper sheets (prepared according to package directions)
- 4 cups pea sprouts
- 1 cup snow peas
- 1/2 cup bell pepper slices

Dipping Sauce

- 1/4 cup hoisin sauce
- a few drops of bragg's liquid aminos
- dash of Sriracha sauce
- squeeze of lime juice
- 1 diced sweet Korean chili pepper

Cut rice paper wrapper in half (use one half for each roll). Fill with vegetables and roll. Mix all ingredients for the dipping sauce. Serve at room temperature.

How are you all doing with your spring goals? I'd love to hear from you!
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