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Keep Calm and Live Sexy!

Posted Jun 26 2009 5:20pm

3540572867_a01e1609bd1 So, I’ve been away because I got some not so great news. My HPV is back. No dysplasia or cell abnormality thank goodness! I’m not really surprised because I was quite honestly so run down after the move that I just knew something wasn’t right. I just knew my body was not getting what it needed and yet didn’t know what it needed. I ended up struggling with staying fully raw and then felt confused about what food to eat and not eat. I started eating some things that had wheat and barley, both of which I’m allergic to. Mostly though I just stopped eating the good stuff. I was eating pathetic salads with nothing in them and not much else of real substance, veggie burgers, etc. I stopped making green shakes in the morning. I just couldn’t stomach it. I stopped juicing. It’s really no wonder I felt all around terrible. Worst of all I felt like I had nobody to tell me what to do about it. I was so sick of food.

My doctor is wonderful and I am so grateful for him yet I was still confused about what to be eating and he couldn’t answer that for me. I was doing the acid/alkaline balance he recommends, I was keeping to all the foods, etc. I’d been doing that for 2 years and it was great at first but then I got tired of eating the same thing and when I stopped I felt horrible. I felt as if someone had drained all the blood out of my body. Also the skin on my face got very rough which can only mean the skin on the inside was not doing well because each is a reflection of the other. This would also indicate my gut is out of balance because that is a direct reflection of your face basically. Then I remembered I switched probiotics and was on antibiotics last year. Maybe my gut never rebuilt itself? That would explain why my skin is not supple and why I’m not absorbing anything. So I switched back to ULTRA FLORA IB by Metagenics. But it was all really discouraging. So as I got more and more rundown I ate more things that weren’t nourishing my body. I was spent on so many levels. When I got the call that I tested positive again for HPV that was the final straw. I was told it was gone for good!!! Just shows you that even doctors can be wrong.

It took me awhile to recover from that blow and I quite honestly didn’t want to blog about it because I felt like I failed my audience. Then I remembered why I started this. This is my experience. I am not an expert. I am not an authority on anything but me. This is just a documentation of my life and what is happening to me. I’m sure it is all happening for a reason. Maybe there are people out there who are saying, hey, that’s happening to me too and we can all help spread the the knowledge of what we learn about all this. That is my only mission. Well that and knocking this thing back to where it was hiding. I made this poster the day before I found out it was back to inspire myself (which just shows how in tune with my body I am to know something was wrong before I was told which I am really grateful for). Living sexy is inspired from Kris Carr and My Crazy Sexy Life because the green life is the best life and the only way to become your sexiest self. Time to make green juice sexy again! It’s in my shop if you need some inspiration ( here ). This whole experience has made me realize just how important it is to be drinking green juice, green smoothies and making sure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals from food. This is much more important than sticking to any kind of doctrine. My only concern in the future will be am I eating what my body needs and I will stop worrying so much about what I shouldn’t be eating. I will live sexy!!


So I am back to the regime I posted in my GIRLS CORNER. I also have a very close friend who is going through this for the second time as well (she had the LEEP the first time though). She has adopted the protocal as well and is off to see my doctors. It will be interesting to see what happens to both of us. I have no idea. I am grateful though for it happening because I now know for sure what I can’t eat and have figured out pretty well, I think, what I can eat. I will most likely be adding more fish and some organic chicken to my diet and the rest will be mostly raw. I think the universe heard my plea to bring me a guide to help me figure all this out by bringing me Dr. Frank Limpman and his book SPENT thanks to Dhrumil from We Like It Raw.


as well as Dr. Tori Hudon’s book WOMEN’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NATURAL MEDICINE: Alternative Therapies and Integrative Medicine for Total Health and Wellness (she outlines a protocal for every form of dysplasia and cervical pre/cancer).


Both books have helped me understand my body and how to deal with all the toxic overload that I have been dealing with. I have read just about every book out there and all of them are great and very informative but Dr. Lipman’s book is the first one that I felt really addresses what I have been feeling and experiencing on a medical and scientific level and having been a biologist that is so important to me. SPENT by Dr. Frank Lipman explains why and how the toxic load of our environment is affecting our bodies in ways doctors don’t understand and were never taught as well as how to fix it. He discusses adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, viruses, the immune system, the digestive system, hormone balance, omegas, supplements, skin, etc. He goes through step by step how to change your life, how to change your diet, how to change your mood and more importantly how to change your health so that you feel wonderful and more importantly so that your body is nourished from the inside out. There are many reasons why I responded to this book so much but mostly it is because it is practical. Anyone can use the information outlined in it. I can relate to it no matter what I’m eating. Now, I cleaned out my diet 2 years ago but I didn’t really know where the middle ground was and SPENT really helped me find that. 100% RAW ultimately is too hard for me to maintain. Where to go from there was the hard part and I now have a much better idea what I need to continue being strict about (no sugar, refined flours, processed foods, etc.) and what I can be more flexibe on (adding some organic chicken and fish).

I used to go to the doctor and my appointments were usually in the morning because of work and the nurse would always say, hmmm your blood pressure is low. I’d ask, ‘is that normal? Why is it low? How does one get low pressure? What does someone do about it?’ etc. As you know I ask a billion questions and I’d always get the same answer, ’sometimes it’s just low’, with a little shurg and they’d leave the room. For the first time ever I not only understand the reason but also have a way to address it so that I don’t wake up slow and low anymore. So now I’m drinking Licorice Root Tea and I put salt on whatever I’m eating with my smoothie in the morning and I feel a million times better (you must actually have low blood pressure to take licorice root otherwise it can be dangerous because it can raise blood pressure - it’s all in the book). There are so many tips in this book it’s just awesome. I was also quite excited that both books support my green smoothie for breakfast and my diet in general. My biggest frustration with most books is even though they are specific about the diet I never felt I knew what to eat.

SPENT by Dr. Frank Lipman really lays out what you’re eating, how to make it, when to eat and why you are doing this. This is what gives me the ability to take control. With adrenal fatigue, mercury poisoining, Epstein Barr, HPV and everything else that is going on in my body some of the other books didn’t address the fact that my body just doesn’t work the same as others. It is not a normal body. This book has given me the power to finish what I’ve started and and has showm me how to live a somewhat normal life without being pigeon holed to one type of food. It incorporates both Raw and Non Raw cuisine. I really can’t recommend it enough. I hope to meet him one day next time I am in NY. The world needs many more doctors like Dr. Lipman. You can follow his blog here.

So that is where I have been. Research, research, research. I will keep you posted on my progress and my discoveries. I hope you all are well, happy and healthy!
Be well!

Oh and I’ve been taking lots of pictures so check out my store for my new work. Also, I’ve revived my daily photo blog called 2 AND FRO. I put up a new picture every day. Check it out!


This is from my blog BUELLER’S KITCHEN - please stop by for recipes, articles, etc. or just to say hi!

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