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Kardashian's Make a Diet Pill?!?

Posted Mar 03 2010 4:14pm
Picture Crazy! I just saw a commercial for "quick trim", Kim and Khloe Kardashian's diet pill. I was thinking, "do they really need money that bad"? I checked out the website and they sell one bottle for over $50. The reviews are not very good so far either. The ingredients seem safe, but you can find pills like those for about $10 at the grocery store! And these ingredients are not even proven to work. If you just want a 2-day detox or something, make up your own concoction.

My Detox
: green tea with lemons and later have a banana & raisins and some black coffee (a tiny bit of milk is ok). Those four real food ingredients will flush out your system in a jiffy! The banana/raisins has the potassium needed to reduce bloating, the coffee will speed the process, and green tea/lemon are a natural detoxifying and mild fat burner.

See the hilarious commercial below. It's real; I thought it was a joke!
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