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Kamut What?

Posted Jan 10 2010 5:25pm

A couple of months ago, Amie sent me a care package with all sorts of goodies inside. Two of the surprises were pasta from Eden Organic: Small Vegetable Shells and Kamut Ditalini. Kamut Ditalini? What the heck? So, of course, I “Googled the piss out of it,” as Mal would say.

Here’s what I found:

EDEN Organic Kamut Ditalini is a 100 percent whole grain pasta that provides essential whole grain nourishment from 100 percent organic whole grain Khorasan wheat. This ancient grain provides a powerhouse of nutrients, delicious texture and flavor. These short, ribbed tubes are versatile and fun to eat. Ditalini means ‘little thimbles’ in Italian.


Besides the interesting name of the whole grain, the nutritional information for the Kamut Ditalini was quite impressive. It’s low in calories and fat as well as high in fiber, protein, and a whole slew of vitamins and minerals. Sounds good to me!


Taste-wise, the Eden Organic pastas were awesome– hearty, chewy, and not at all bland like some “healthy” pastas taste. Even Mal loved it!


I paired the pastas with a homemade meat sauce made with ground beef and chopped green bell peppers.



Dinner was GREAT tonight! In fact, Mal is taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow instead of making his usual peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the week. Now, doesn’t that say something about the meal? ;-)


And even after all of the cookies that I ate this afternoon, I still had room for a couple more. :oops:

I had one of Kelly’s Cookie Dough Truffles.


And a small bite of Break-Up Bar. Both were de-lic-ious! :-D


I suppose that I should enjoy these treats while I can… things are a-changin’ tomorrow! ;-)

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