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Kale-Carrot-Chicken Wraps

Posted Aug 19 2010 2:48pm

These sweet and spicy wraps are great for lunch or a light dinner. I know kale is not for everyone, my kids would rather eat mud. Really. Nevertheless, it's important to role model healthy eating, and so we incorporate leafy greens on a daily basis.

I have been a bit obsessed with making different versions of this kale salad lately. This recipe was built around a jar of pepper jelly.

It all began with an encounter with a jam maker at the local Farmers Market. I had noticed this particularly unfriendly lady before, and like most of the other customers, I passed her by. For some reason, a couple of weeks ago, I was inclined to stop and strike up a conversation. EXCEPT she ignored me. I asked her questions in my usual friendly way and got no response. No love for me. It was so weird. She looked right passed me and didn't make a sound...not a peep...or a nod...just a blank stare.

I know what you're thinking, maybe she was blind and/or deaf? BUT NOOO she talked to familiar customer just fine. SO I made it my mission to befriend the grumpy jam maker. Step 1: I bought her jam.

I picked up some pepper jelly. (Don't ask me about step 2...I don't know)

I love having a jar of sweet and spicy pepper jelly on hand. It's great to add to goat cheese for an appetizer or as a flavor to build a meal around. Which is how I came to thinking up a recipe using kale and pepper jelly.

There are two tips for eating kale, #1 De-rib. Always remove the tough inner rib, leaving just the leaves; and #2 Chop of the leaves into little bite sized pieces.

To make these wraps just add about 1/4 of a chicken breast to helping of the Kale-Carrot Salad and wrap in your favorite tortilla or flat bread.

Kale Carrot Salad
1/2 bunch kale, de-ribbed, and chopped into small pieces
2 carrots, shredded or sliced
1/4 C raisins (optional)
2 limes, juiced
1-3 t of pepper jelly*
1 T water
2 garlic cloves, minced or pressed
salt to taste

Place the kale, carrots and raisins into a large salad bowl. In a small bowl mix the limes, pepper jelly, water, garlic and salt together. Add to the kale and toss.

*You can substitute pepper jelly for a combination of honey and red pepper flakes. Adjust the heat to your personal preference.
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