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K-K-Kickboxing: Let’s Sweat It out!

Posted Dec 29 2010 9:07am

I know I told you all about the enormous stack of magazines I got from my friends and family pre-surgery. I’ve slowly been going through them and have really enjoyed reading every one. They have basically cured my boredom because I’ve had A LOT of down time. Luckily, I am starting to feel better now, still not 100%, but I basically feel more or less like myself.

Thank you for all of your supportive comments and well wishes. It’s made for a speedier recovery, emotionally at least! I went to the doctor yesterday and he said I have about 3 weeks left of healing, but I can do anything as I want, as I feel comfortable. I’m NOT going to push it, but next week I may try and get on a treadmill to walk, we’ll see.

Anyways, this past week I started doing minimal workouts, as in, I may look like an 80 year old as I do some step touches in my living room. I’ve mainly been doing very light weights (2-3 pounds) and some kickboxing. In all of my magazine reading I came across this workout in October’s Shape Magazine. I thought I’d share it because it was a perfect workout for me. It was easy, but still got me sweaty.

Basically if you know kickboxing, even a little bit you can do this. All you need to know is jab , cross , hook , uppercut , bob and weave and the side shuffle.

I love that you don’t need any equipment for this.

So here it is. After the warm up do the moves in each round for 2 minutes. Between rounds, do the side shuffle for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. *Note: I switched sides at 1 minute in each round. I used a stop watch to time the warm up and rounds.

Making Good Choices Blog

Kickboxing Workout

Warm up – Jump rope for 5 minutes. Then jab, cross, uppercut left and right; repeat this for 4 minutes,switching sides half way through.

Round 1: Jab, cross, hook left and right.

Round 2: Jab, cross, hook left and right, bob.

Round 3: Jab, cross, hook left and right, bob, uppercut left and right.

Round 4: Jab, cross, hook left and right, bob, uppercut left and right, jab, cross.

Round 5: Jab, cross, hook left and right, bob, uppercut left and right, jab, cross, weave.

Optional: Repeat round 5 up to 5 times before doing pushups.

Round 6: Do 3 sets of 12-15 pushups.  

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I left out the pushups and this workout took me about 30 minutes. If you need a quick workout that will get your body going, then give this a try!

Do you like doing kickboxing workouts?

Have a wonderful day!

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