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Just eat a little better than everyone else!

Posted Dec 12 2008 1:24pm

I hear a lot on the forums and from my readers that they don’t know how to eat “perfectly” or they don’t know how to cut everything bad out of their diet. Here’s a story to inspire you. Don’t worry about being perfect, just eat a little bit better than everyone else and you’ll already be on your way to better health. If every month or year you just aim to do a little bit more, then in no time you will be far healthier than you could ever imagine! It’d be pretty easy to be above average in regards to the American diet. So take it a slow and just keep trying. My advice, “NEVER GIVE UP”!

My dad sent me this from Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Caffeine issue 368 and I thought it was great:

It isn’t hard to be better.
By Colin Pearce

Why? Not many people are doing it.

I will never forget the first time I heard a motivational speaker.

I had grown up listening to great preachers, teachers and storytellers and they were the only model I had for my interest in speaking, but on that night in February 1978 I heard the founder of the National Speakers Association of Australia, John Nevin, give his ‘Mountain Man’ presentation and I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was already thirty years old.

He made one thing clear. You don’t have to be that much better than the rest to be better than the rest.

John pointed out through his interest in horse racing that most of the great prize winners did not win the big stakes by much more than a head or even a nose. I’d never thought about it like that. I guess I had grown up believing that the winners in life were all miles ahead of the pack. They were somehow luckier or more gifted. I, being the third son of a poor widow from an average neighborhood was never likely to enjoy such ‘luck’.

But he told us that great golfers only won major tournaments by one putt. He showed us that the difference between a pass and a fail, or an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ was often only one mark.

The great tennis champions only hit the ball over the net one more time than the people they defeat. Many football games and hockey matches are won by only one goal - just a flick or a kick or a nudge of the ball a couple of degrees either way will make the difference between the championship and relegation.

It made me think of Victor Borge’s story about the man who invented a new soft drink. He started with a drink called ‘1Up’ but after meeting with no success he went on to invent ‘2Up’, then ‘3Up’, each time without success. He continued on all the way to ‘6Up’ finally dying in despair, a broken failure.

“But”, shouts Borge, “He didn’t know how close he got!”

I took John Nevin’s message to heart and have made it part of my own. It was the way I brought up my four children. I told them they didn’t have to be brilliant. They just had to give life a good shot and it would make a huge difference because so many other kids and their parents couldn’t give a darn. They would stand out in a crowd all their lives because for most people even being average is an effort but being a bit above average is not an impossible ask.

I speak to a lot of retailers in my work. Most of them are wonderful conscientious people. Others wouldn’t work in an iron lung. Sometimes I think I am wasting my life talking to people who will never get it. Five Star Service is so easy to provide but too many lazy self-interested sods can’t see it.

However this makes it so much easier for the rest of us. We only have to do a little better than them and we will stand out like well lit cities on a hill.

Bright Idea:
Be above average today.

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