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Just 2 Weeks to Six-Pack Washboard Abs. Find Out How.

Posted Apr 01 2009 12:39pm

Give us two weeks and we’ll have you looking like this!

Spring is in the air and that means warmer weather and skimpier clothes. Like most people, we’ve put on a bit of an extra winter coat over the past few months and are looking for the best way to reattain that killer six-pack. So we took it upon ourselves to review a few of the best ab products on the market so that you know where to spend your hard-earned dollars to get a six-pack anyone would be proud of!

The Ab Rocket


Price: Just 3 easy payments of $39.95
Scott says: When I heard the name, I was a bit skeptical. Ab Rocket? But let me tell you, the name is 100% true. This thing makes my abs feel like I have a rocket in my belly, firing on all thrusters and dropping nuclear bombs! Oh yeah, feel the burn!
Mike says: Normally most machines that you lie back are very uncomfortable, but this one feels like heaven. Imagine getting a gentle massage while also targeting those love-handles. You’ll be ready for the beach and not even stressed out when you are there.

The Total Tiger


Price: $40
Scott says: Holy moly! This one is a favorite of mine. I can not only hit my abs from all kinds of angles, but I can also work my chest, arms, back, and even my buns! Sexy abs and sexy buns all at the same time? Sign me up!
Mike says: Tiger…Purrrrrr. This is what the ladies will be calling you after using this 5 min each day. Guys get ready to be on the hunt as hordes of attractive women roam the praries. Ladies, you’ll get your chance also to hunt down some beasts after your abs draw them all in.

The Ab Circle Pro


Price: $199.75
Scott says: This is really a two-in-one system. First, I spin around the circle to get my entire core. But I really love removing the pin and using the Ab Circle Pro to pinpoint target my buns, hips, and thighs. Once I’ve blasted my core and worked on my sexy glutes, I can just slide it under my couch. I don’t even have to turn the TV off!
Mike says: Amazing high tech NASA like design and polymer quality is abundant with this machine. Thank god for space engineers who can bring this type of quality workout into our homes. I feel like I’m churning butter with my abs, so much fun.

The Ab Lounge


Price: $169.99
Scott says: You know what I really like about this product? “Lounge”…I mean, I want to look good with my shirt off, but I don’t want to have to work too hard for it. So any product that lets me lounge while I exercise is right up my alley. Frankly, all it’s missing is a cup holder so I can keep my protein shake close at hand.
Mike says: What I love about this product is I can do my 2 favorite things together, work my abs and get a tan. Put it in the back of your car and on every lunch break take it out, set it up outside and watch as all your coworkers get jealous of your ripped and tanned six pack on display. I agree with Scott, all that is missing is a cup (or remote) holder.

The Ab Coaster


Price: $399.80
Scott says: This makes me giddy like a little boy! It’s my favorite of all the products on the market. I feel like I’m at an amusement park…an amusement park where everyone has a rockin’ mid-section. It’s so easy…no stress on my neck or back and I don’t have to get my shirt dirty by laying on the floor.
Mike says: Sometimes I want to work my lower abs and not really move my upper body, well this is the one for me. With a gentle “shooshing” sound from every movement, I can close my eyes and visualize that I am rowing through a sea of awesomeness with just the raw power generated from my abs. Who needs a motor on a boat when you have sixpack horsepower.

The Ab Belt

ab belt

Price: $99
Scott says: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…huh? Oh…sorry…I fell asleep while my abs were getting shredded. You see, this product kicks somewhere around six tons of tail because unlike the others, I don’t even have to exert any energy. In fact, just now, I cooked dinner and wrote this review all while my buff factor nearly doubled, effortlessly.
Mike says: Imagine getting rock hard abs by just sitting at your desk, watching TV or sleeping. Now this is a winner in my book. I can slap on the super charged ab belt and feel it sculpting my abs like an artist’s chisel through marble. 600 situps while just having a glass of wine. Although I did find that going swimming did not go as well with the belt.

The Ab Fork


Price: 9 easy payments of $29.95 (Exclusively through LifeSpotlight)
Scott says: This is an old school ab tool that a lot of people have abandoned. But the fork is the #1 tool in my ab-blasting toolbox. As long as I stick to 90% clean eating, my performance is through the roof and I look how I want to look.
Mike says: We have a special made Ab-Fork that you can use to eat with. Imagine how much less stuff you can actually shovel in your mouth with a 40lb Ab-Fork. We only have 100 in stock so be sure to just mail us your credit card and we’ll send you a fork.

Ok, maybe we have had a little “sarcastic” fun today ( on April Fool’s ) but we are still trying to drive home a point. Even though doing exercises while “using” your abdominals is good, thinking you need a specific machine to isolate and target them to get “ripped” is a myth and marketing lie. That and most need to lose the “keg” first before they can ever see the six-pack. It amazes us how many new Ab-somethings are coming out every month. That just means people are still falling for that April Fools Joke (except it is run all year round). So when in doubt, pass the word….that “Abs are made in the kitchen.”….and if you really want a 40lb Ab-fork for 9 easy payments of $29.95, drop us an email and we will be sure to send one out right away!

When in doubt, stick to the basics:

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