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Jump start weight loss before spring break!

Posted Mar 10 2010 4:00am


Losing a few pounds before spring break can be easier than you think and it can be done in a safe way. Yes, it is possible to enjoy a healthy weight loss before you hit the beaches in your newest bikini!

A spring break body is more achievable than you think AND you don’t have to dread showing your body to the world if you keep a few simple rules in mind.

Now, before I share these tips with you, remember that having a bikini-ready body should not be reserved to a few times in the year. By making healthy eating and a regular intensive fitness regime as part of your life, you will have a strong and fit body all year round.

>>> Here are 10 easy dummy-proof ways to jump start weight loss before spring break!

1. Eat protein at every meal: You should also include breakfast and eat vegetarian protein like nuts.

2. Limit the highly refined wheat foods: Make sure to include whole wheat and whole grain options in your diet.

3. Ditch “food products”: Ninety per cent of what you eat should be REAL food that could have been hunted, caught, gathered from the ground, plucked from a tree or grown … if it comes in a box/package from your freezer … chances are it’s not all that real.

4. Vary your starch: Include a lot of “real” carbohydrates in your diet as opposed to high refined ones. Your best choices are oatmeal, sweet potatoes, beans and legumes.

5. Be careful with sweets: Don’t eat unlimited amounts of fruit and be careful with the extra-sweet, extra-ripe variety. For now on, keep fruits to two a day, and choose the low-sugar, high-fibre variety like apples, pears, plums and especially berries! Here’s a tip: fruit should be eaten alone or with something light such as nuts or some cheese. Drastically limit your intake of fruit juice.

6. What kind of fat are you eating? You should worry less about the amount of fat you and pay more attention to the kind of fat you eat. The worst are fried foods, margarine (this is really bad for you) and foods that contain hydrogenized or partially hydrogenized oils. The best is omega-3, found in fish and flaxseed oil.

7. Reduce or eliminate dairy for a short period of time (especially cow’s milk): For a few weeks, you might want to limit your dairy intake to reasonable amounts of cheese and occasional portions of yogurt, but NOT the fat-free kind (it contains way too much sugar).

8. Stop using vegetable oils such as sunflower, safflower and corn: Instead buy olive oil, grape seed oil or coconut oil. Conventional supermarket vegetable oils are HIGHLY refined, and oxidize easily when heated, contributing to arterial plaque.

9. Drink at least eight or more large glasses of pure water a day: You’ve heard this before … I’m not teaching you anything new, but the question is: ARE YOU DRINKING WATER EVERY DAY or are you still making excuses like: “I don’t like the taste of water”?

10. Eliminating alcohol for a couple of weeks: You can always go back to moderate drinking later, but cutting back will help you drop the weight fast.

Do you have healthy tricks to help you get your spring break body ready? I’ve love to hear about them!

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