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Jump For Health

Posted Jan 08 2010 9:18am
Personally, I've always been a bit on the uncoordinated side when it comes to jumping rope, but based on the stats I've been reading I may have to spend more time working on my skills.

According to Dr. Kenneth Cooper, author of the 1968 best selling book Aerobics, and the man given the title "The Father of Aerobics", jumping a rope at 120 turns per minute produces the same cardiovascular results as jogging for 30 minutes, running 1 mile in 12 minutes, cycling 2 miles in 6 minutes or swimming for 12 minutes.

So, for those of you who claim not to have time to exercise, can you spare 1 minute per day?

My workout Wednesday didn't take all that much longer.

Still recovering from my HIIT protocol from Monday I decided to do a split routine with the TT Beginner strength training program on Wednesday and light cardio with additional core exercises yesterday.

I modified the TT Beginner Workout B by replacing step-ups (not the best exercise for anyone with a vestibular disorder) with jump squats.

It's now official - jump squats are my most dreaded exercise. Guess that means they must be good for me! The more I hate doing something, the better the results I see from doing it. Go figure.

Total workout time on Wednesday: 22 minutes.

Today it's back to Workout A with 45 minutes of slow cardio.

Train hard; stay strong.



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