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Juicing for health (and weight loss)

Posted by sheryl w.

There is evidence to support the cancer fighting and protective qualities of raw juices and foods. All those beneficial veggies like Broccoli and Carrots can be juiced. Many people have improved their health miraculously through juicing. From increased energy, better digestion, reduced skin complaints, weight loss, and even serious illnesses recovery, many have praised juices for their rejuvenated wellbeing.

Another great feature of introducing fresh juice into the diet is the effect it can have on physical appearance. If your body doesn't get what it needs, it asks for more. When loads of fruits and vegetables are not consumed, nourishment is lacking. Because raw juice provides us with a broad range of vital nutrients, these cravings for more food can be reduced and there can be a tendency to lose excess body fat as a consequence. With the increased vitality and energy that comes from juicing, exercise can also seem less of a chore!

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I like carrot juice and it does my body good. However, some people's bodies might find carrot juice too high in sugar. Of course, it is natural but the sugar can still be hard on the kidneys. One thing that I like about carrot juice is that an 8 ounce of carrot juice has more calcium than a glass of milk the same size. Broccoli juice? I don't think so.
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