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Juicing and Hypothroidism

Posted by Connie0108

I started juicing this summer and have hypothroidism.  I have been taking synathroid for about 15 years.  In researching vegetables and fruits to use or avoid I have found a lot of conflicting lists of fruits and vegetables.  I know I should avoid cruciferous vegetables, but then I see sweet potatoes,strawberries, swiss chard on some lists to avoid.  This has all become very confusing.  I am juicing for health, and weight loss, I don't want to actually cause problems for myself.
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 Juicing as an alternative healing method in chronic diseases such as hypothyroidism is a controversial subject amongst healthcare professionals. One of the most common causes of hypothyroidism is an iodine deficiency.Vegetable juices that are high in B vitamins and iron are healthy to drink if you have hypothyroidism.Diets rich in raw foods help to cleanse the colon, detoxify the body and restore a balance of depleted minerals.



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