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Jingle All the Way

Posted Dec 20 2008 6:42pm

That’s the movie my little bro and I just finished watching :mrgreen:What ever happened to Sinbad?

We’ve been having a “Sib Night” that included a trip to the grocery store to get some baking supplies - expect the results in a future post! - and a delicious dinner from Bad Donkey. I’ve blogged about this restaurant in the past - it has some of the best pizza and salad I have ever tasted! I usually opt for the salad because it comes with a piece of cheesy pizza bread, so it’s the best of both worlds!


The cheesy bread is on the left. It’s basically a thick pizza crust (!!crust!!) covered in cheese. Absolutely delicious. As for the salad, I got the choose-your-own with romaine and spinach, grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and feta cheese. It all came with low-fat honey mustard dressing.

Since we last “met,” I’ve been doing a lot of C h r i s t m a s shopping. I’ve gathered all the necessary “ingredients” for my Blogger Secret Santa gift that Sarah over at Our Kitchen Adventures is hosting. I also put the finishing touches on my family gifts. All that’s left is some wrapping and shipping and we’re good to go! I am usually never this early, so it’s a true first!

For yesterday’s lunch, I heated up a Dim Sum platter from Costco.


The platter comes with an assortment of potstickers (veggie) and dumplings (veggie and shrimp). It’s garnished with pea pods and carrots. If you ever come across it at Costco, I HIGHLY recommend that you try it. Everything tastes amazing!


Another view:


I also broke out more of Melissa’sbaked amazingness. I started with a piece of peppermint bark - which was great! I love the crunchy candies on top!


I also split the Dark Chocolate Covered Oreo with my little brother. We both agreed that while Oreos are good…they are even BETTER when they are covered in chocolate!


Thanks again, Melissa! We are enjoying everything, if ya can’t tell ;) Yum!

The rest of the day was spent shopping with my mom. We also stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some goodies - mainly Greek yogurt - and didn’t get back until dinnertime. Luckily, Papa Bender saved the day by cooking up a delicious meal for us while we were gone - Seafood Pasta!


He used whole wheat spaghetti noodles and topped them with shrimp, mussels and clams. The sauce was a delicious white wine butter - I later realized I needed some bread for dipping! On the side, he made up a delicious salad with tomatoes, black olives and cucumbers.


And of course, what better to go with pasta than a glass of red wine?


The answer you’re looking for is nothing ;) Notice the scissors in the background. We are all about the multi-tasking dinner table.

For dessert, I broke out Melissa’swhite chocolate Oreo bark - yummy!


And that brings us back to today. This morning our family made the INSANE decision to play golf at 8:00 am in the 40* weather. It was soooo chilly!! But fun, nonetheless. Before we headed out, I grabbed a fast breakfast of Chobani Greek yogurt topped with pomegranate seeds, raspberries and blueberries.


After freezing our a$$es off the chilly round, we grabbed lunch at the clubhouse. I knew I wanted something warm and I saw on the menu that they had “bottomless” cups of soup. I found out that the soup of the day was cream of mushroom - holy yum, it was SO GOOD! I had two cups.


Then my mom and I split the “Formaggi-dilla Caprese,” a fancy pants way of saying quesadilla with mozzarella and tomatoes. It came in a spinach wrap with fruit on the side.


I came back and took a nap - the cold weather/golf combo made me very tired! - and then read a bit of The Host before working out. And now we’ve come full circle to the “Sib Night.” All caught up!

My ‘rents are home again, so I think some family time is calling my name. I hope that you all have been having relaxing and enjoyable weekends. There’s just one day left in the Vita-Mix Super 5200 Giveaway! I can’t wait to find out who the lucky winner will be!

Goodnight moon! And blog readers, too ;)

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