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Jim Rohn: For Things To Change, You Got To Change

Posted Jul 17 2010 9:32pm

Weight Loss Motivation Quote #2

Many people says they want to lose weight. But when I ask them to change what what they are currently doing, they are reluctant to do that. If you want to change your weight, change your body shape… you cannot continue to do what you are currently doing. Stop all of it.  If you do think that you have been eating lesser, exercising more, cutting down rice or avoiding rice and yet not getting much satisfactory results. Then, you got to stop what you’ve been doing all these while. Just follow what successful people has done and how they done it.

Don’t be ego and think you are smarter. You are now facing a problem of weight issue and needs to be solved. Just be a good student, follow and do what is being told. If you follow it consistently, you will get the results.

Remember that you can’t change other things,like seller selling fried stuffs like fried nangka, fried banana, keropok lekor, kuih-muih. You can’t change Mc Donald or KFC to stop advertising on newspaper or TV. You can’t change your surrounding that there are many nice and tempting food around you. You can’t change your friends who are not supporting your weight loss journey. There is one thing that you can change. That is yourself.

If you want to lose weight, want to look good, want to have a better shape..Think, who is it for? Is it for the world to see? Or is it for yourself to feel more confident about yourself, to feel good and to have a better health? Who is it for? It’s for YOURSELF.. for your FAMILY. If you are sick, the person that needs to take care of you is your family members. Be responsible for yourself. Do it for yourself.

If you want to lose weight and have a better shape and a healthier lifestyle, you got to change. Keep this in mind.. Jim Rohn says, For Things To Change, You Got To Change.

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